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Amazing 34+ Balcony Design Ideas with Flowers and Sunset

Amazing 34+ Balcony Design Ideas with Flowers and Sunset

The real trick to getting a complete upgrade to your home’s look? Find the right combination of elements below that will work for you. Some of these suggestions will definitely work on their own; some are more powerful when working with other ideas. You may find that doing one of the ideas on the top half of a window, say, and another idea on the bottom half, can do the trick for you. Consider all the ideas below and find the combination that seems perfect for you!

1. Stained glass
You don’t have to go medieval church on your house, but some well-placed stained glass hanging or leaning in a window – either traditional or more modern – can literally upgrade your view by being beautiful and partially obscuring a more unattractive view you don’t love.

2. Decorative paper for float frame
A similar idea is to simply frame decorative paper in a floating frame (your paper is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and requires no backing) and then tilt or hang the frame over a window as well. Depending on the paper, there will be some transparency in this project, so you will still allow light to come through but may manage to hide a view you don’t love.


Not all of us are lucky enough to have a great view from the window of our home. Sometimes, instead of a beautiful city skyline or peaceful forest to look out at, you’re stuck with an unwanted peek at someone’s apartment through their window, a bland and boring brown fence, or visions of neighborhood cats using your side yard as a litter box. Instead of keeping the blinds down and the curtains drawn, let the light in and take control of your perspective. You don’t need to pick up your home and physically move it to upgrade your view – you just need to get creative.