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How to make crazy flower pot designs for your living room

How to make crazy flower pot designs for your living room

1. Mosaic pot

Mosaic art is popular, so why not implement it to make an exquisite mosaic pot? You will need a terracotta pot and reed shavings (easily available everywhere). Alternatively, you can use pot shards or broken pieces of tile. You will also need glue and spray paint.

First, paint the pot in your favorite color and let it dry.
In the second step, put the pot and glue chips or shards one by one.
After this, stick the chips on the other sides as well.

2. DIY lace pot

The pointed pot looks amazing. Store it indoors, on a terrace or balcony, or spruce up your patio.

This DIY idea is very easy to do: Choose a lace color and pattern according to the background color you are keeping it, take a pot and paint it with transparent glue and stick the lace neatly over it. Leave your lace pot for a while until it dries completely.

If you want to place it indoors, use colors like white, cream or other light colors. But if you’re going to keep it outdoors, mind the dust. Choose a lace color that doesn’t get dirty easily.

3. Barked Pot

Every single idea given here is worth a try, and these two are the most irresistible.

Find some twigs and cut them from a pair of pruning shears, as shown in the picture.
Take a pot (whatever you have), paint it with strong glue and carefully attach all the twigs you have cut to it.
Collect small wood chips and bark, cover each piece with a little glue and stick them one by one into a new pot. Your unique pot is ready to use.

4. Twig pot

Read more DIY Twig Ideas. Twigs are really useful pieces of wood, and you can also use them to design so many things.

Find twigs of the same size and arrange them in order so that you can tie them in a single file. Use jute twine to tie them together, as it looks natural.

Now take a pot or small container and wrap it with linen lace fabric. In the last step, take tied twigs and glue them to the wrapped pot.

5. Recycled cans

This is a smart, environmentally friendly solution for recycling used cans. Instead of throwing them away, make colorful containers out of them; you can grow shallow-rooted plants, low-maintenance annuals and herbs.

Use acrylic paint to paint old cans, experiment and use unique colors to make patterns. There are many things you can do to make a beautiful pot out of a can.

6. Moss covered pot

Make this antique moss pot and you’ll be amazed at how amazing it looks. You need a handful of moss, a clay pot, a brush and a cup of buttermilk.

Put the moss in a blender, mix a cup of buttermilk and water and blend until you see a milkshake-like consistency.

Paint this mixture on your pot and leave it. Do not let the pot dry out; spray a few drops of water fine, because the moss loves moisture, and within two days you will see the moss grow.

You can grow a moisture-loving plant in this pot; That way you water it every day, and the moss also gets enough moisture.

7. Roped Pot

Did you ever think that DIY could be so easy too? This rope pot looks amazing, a flower pot you can make by wrapping a rope.

Take a bottle, glass, jar or pot (*do not use clay pot), whatever is available, and paint the glue all over it. Now take a thick, shiny rope and wrap it around the pot. Your flower pot is ready.

8. Concrete planting machine

Make cast concrete pots with cement. You can make it any size and shape, depending on the type of container you use as a mold to make it.

This type of planter is long-lasting and inexpensive. You can read the full tutorial here.

9. Fabric pot

You will have to spend a lot of money to buy a fabric pot. The good news is that you can do it at home – buy a terracotta pot and fabric.

Glue the fabric around the pot. You can learn this step by step in this article. Avoid placing fabric pots outside, as soaking in the rain can wash away any glue you’ve used.

10. Painted Pots

Take a bucket filled with water and spill the drops of acrylic paint (two-three colors). You will see that the color stream starts to float on the water.

Choose a pot and carefully place it on the surface and slowly turn the pot around so that the paint sticks to the pot. This will make interesting patterns across the pot.

11. River Stone Plants

This beautiful planter can be a lovely gift for your parents on Mother’s or Father’s Day. You can easily make this a fun project by following the directions here.

12. Shell-covered pot

Collect some seashells while walking on the beach and give a distinctive look to the ordinary looking pots by decorating them with seashells. Learn the details of this DIY here.