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Making small kitchens bigger: That’s how it works!

Making small kitchens bigger: That’s how it works!

Set up small kitchens

Often it is the lack of space, which makes it difficult to set up small kitchens. Solutions for small kitchens therefore start with the following question: What does the small kitchen have to do despite the lack of space? We want to cook, stow away, in the best case, sit and relax. The kitchen should not protrude too far into the room. Nevertheless, it is indispensable, because dishes and electrical appliances are stored here. In this case, width can be replaced by height, for example, by using the wall surface of the kitchen practically with shelves.

The optics – a small kitchen design

A less relevant but important point is the look. Should the small kitchen be white or show its color, the doors appear dull or glossy? It is important that you feel comfortable, no matter what size the kitchen has – it is not for nothing that kitchens are still considered the communication hub.

Why not just stand by his little kitchen and make her a real eye-catcher. Walls and furniture in white are often used in small kitchens for a modern look. However, so that the station wagon does not look too cool and monotonous, warm wood tones make perfect. Used charmingly, they give the kitchen a homely character – for example in the form of the floor and / or the worktop.

Calmly dare color! Bright wall colors make a small kitchen seem more generous. In the meantime, a color unit of walls and floor can lead to an optical magnification.

Three tips for more workspace in the small kitchen:

In the meantime, kitchen manufacturers have come up with some ideas to find kitchen solutions for small kitchens. But there are also tricks that you can implement inexpensively without experts. It depends on the right furniture and accurate planning!

  • Mobile base cabinets: Base cabinets are provided with wheels so you can easily pull them out when needed to create extra work space. It’s great that you can pull the cupboard exactly where you need it right now.
  • Extractable worktops: These are just in the normal countertop integrated and can be extended if you need them.
  • Table and worktop in one: If in the kitchen there is still room for a small seat, you choose a high table and bar stools. So you can also use the surface snipping comfortably to vegetables, without having to bend over.
  • The bar by the window: Even in elongated kitchens, it is possible to create more working and sitting space. Simply use the windowsill or attach a folding table to the wall in front of the window.

And what does your little kitchen look like? There are so many great ways to decorate and store space, so the favorite place gets really comfortable. Get inspired in the community for your planning or show us how to make the most of your small kitchen