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Advantages of a green roof

More and more people are joining the green movement.

So it was only a matter of time before home decor followed suit. It is not difficult to be environmentally friendly while maintaining comfort and luxury.

In addition to furniture, walls, appliances and everything else indoors, roofs have been connected. The advantages of the green roof are many. You not only save the environment, but also money.

Benefits of a Green Roof 4-1 Benefits of a Green RoofImage source: GreenRoof Asia

In this case, green is not referred to as the roof color. It’s green because it’s environmentally friendly. Most green roofs are an extension of the existing roof, but it is a popular trend that new eco-friendly buildings have green roofs already installed. Green roofs consist of specific plants that are adapted to and can survive urban environments.

Everyone wins

The benefits of green roofs are as public as they are private. Aside from the obvious practicalities of a green roof, it also looks very noticeable, and an area with a green roof can easily attract investors with that alone.

Advantages of a green roof 2 advantages of a green roofImage source: Prentiss Architects

The practical side

Green roofs mean lower costs for cities. This is due to the fact that a green roof means that you have an “Urban Heat Island Effect”. With more green roofs, we reduce this effect and save money.

Advantages of a green roof 3 advantages of a green roofImage source: Huettl landscape architecture

Scientists from the University of Toronto have shown that green roofs help to reduce the aforementioned “Urban Heat Island Effect”. The Urban Heat Island Effect actually means cities are hotter because buildings, streets, and glass prevent the heat from spreading out as easily. Green roofs convert this heat into energy that they need for plants to grow so that the heat is absorbed and does not have to escape.

Fresh air in the cities

Perhaps even better is the fact that plants absorb pollutants like CO2 and convert it to oxygen, which means that green roofs actually purify and filter the air.

Benefits of a Green Roof 12-1 Benefits of a Green RoofImage source: Lake Flato Architects

As forests and woodlands are being cut down, plants, especially in rural areas, are being sought more than ever. The green roof concept is simple and ensures that the planet will survive for future generations to be able to see and inhabit.

The air inside

One of the most important things when planning a building is the ventilation system. It provides vital ventilation to everyone inside. Ordinary buildings have ventilation systems made from toxic materials that emit gases or even contain harmful organic compounds. The effects on a person’s health are obviously very damaging.

According to a study by the US environmental protection agency, the indoor air is even five times more polluted than the outside air. It can pose a serious threat and be a factor in the development of serious respiratory diseases. For this reason, when building environmentally friendly buildings, ventilation systems are built from low-emission or zero-emission materials, and great emphasis is placed on excellent ventilation in every room.

If just a few rooms are not properly ventilated, this can lead to mold growth or even dust mites, which can then spread to the entire building via the ventilation system.

Regulation and Security

Since green roofs absorb heat, less energy is required to regulate the temperature in a building. They can also serve as excellent fire protection, as green roofs have less burning heat load. The insulation that green roofs provide means not only less heat, but also less outside noise.

Advantages of a green roof 6 advantages of a green roofImage source: Feldman architecture

Green in every way

It is a common misconception that green buildings have a higher initial cost. However, they will save you money from the start, not to mention long-term performance compared to regular buildings. It costs about the same to build, so it’s clear that green buildings only offer advantages.

Advantages of a green roof 7 advantages of a green roofImage source: Feldman architecture

Because of the lower maintenance costs associated with green buildings, even if the construction costs are a little higher, they are so efficient that they give back 10 times the money spent building them.

A longer life

Plants make you healthier in a variety of ways. They purify the air so you can breathe better and help reduce stress. They contribute to a person’s general well-being and lower both heart rate and blood pressure.

Advantages of a green roof 8 advantages of a green roofImage source: Maienza – Wilson Interior Design + Architecture


Although an urban environment is not that green, green roofs still attract bees and honeybees, butterflies, and various species of birds. Normally you wouldn’t find such a rarity in cities, but due to the variety of plants that green roofs offer, you can now.

Advantages of a green roof 9 advantages of a green roofImage source: Baldridge Architects

Operating costs

It only makes sense that green buildings keep maintenance costs down because they save so much money over traditional buildings. They also require less painting and can withstand more punishment and abuse by the elements because natural materials were used in their construction.

Benefits of a Green Roof 10-1 Benefits of a Green RoofImage source: Sequin Asphault Studio Photography

Cleaner and drier cities

Plants not only absorb heat, but also water. Not only do they trap some of the rain, but they also slow down the amount of water that hits the sidewalk. This will reduce the effects of rainwater and the likelihood of flooding.

Hold your worth

Green buildings use less energy, gas and water. They keep their value and do not lose as much in value as normal buildings simply because they use sustainable materials.

Advantages of a green roof 12 advantages of a green roofImage source: Casey Boyter Gardens

Many green buildings are so efficient that not only do they use less energy, but they can also be set up to produce more energy than they need. These are known as net zero buildings. Instead of using less, they can generate energy and return it to the grid to use where it is needed.

Will my roof hold?

If there’s one problem when it comes to a green roof on private property, it is whether the home can support the weight of it. A light solution is possible in the form of a roof sloping at an angle of less than 30 degrees. If the supporting roof can be reinforced, the possibilities for the type of green roof are greatly expanded.

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