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Nursery ideas that are just great

Nursery ideas that are just great

When it comes to decorating yours Nursery, There is no need to paint the walls in dark, vivid colors. You can keep it simple too. This gives more room for creativity and prevents you from repainting the walls when your kids grow up.

Furniture and decor can be emphasized more to add more color to the room. These can even be changed over time.

This article will discuss several Nursery ideas.

Ideas for nursery

  • Beach theme
  • Sharing a room
  • Bold wallpaper
  • Sunny room
  • 3D butterflies
  • dress up
  • Use shelves
  • Fruits and much more
  • Adding toys to the mix
  • Balancing the color scheme
  • background
  • Shape of space
  • Multipurpose furniture
  • High ceilings

Now let’s look at these ideas for children’s rooms in detail.

Beach theme

Nautical-Kids-Bedroom-by-Workman-Photography Ideas for kids rooms that are just fantastic
Image source: Worker photography

A simple and effective way to get your nursery Look interesting is to use different tropical blankets and pillows to give yours nursery the pop of color it takes as well as a beach theme.

Sharing a room

Willoughby-by-Aspen-Constructors-Inc.  Nursery ideas that are just greatImage source: Aspen Constructors Inc.

If more children need to share a room, installing bunk beds is a good idea. These not only offer more space for other furniture, but also provide a child-like environment for the room. This Nursery ideas are implemented by many parents these days.

Bold wallpaper

Maplewood-NJ-by-Rinaldi-interior-design ideas for kids rooms that are just fantasticImage source: Rinaldi interior design

Other Ideas for children’s rooms could involve adding bold but drab wallpaper to the room. This can add depth to the walls and make a statement, but keep it simple.

Sunny room

50s-Ranch-Remodel-by-Buckenmeyer-Architektur ideas for kids rooms that are just fantasticImage source: Buckenmeyer architecture

Another cute way to decorate yours nursery is to decorate your child’s wall with some art. You can paint a sunny sun and some clouds to make it feel childish and sunny.

3D butterflies

Talias-Colorful-Room-by-Taylor-Design-Studio ideas for kids rooms that are just fantasticImage source: Taylor Design Studio

To further decorate your room and give it a 3D touch, you can purchase wall art like butterflies. These stick to the surface where they can be easily attached and also easily peel off if you want to take them off.

dress up

Girls-Room-by-My-Beautiful-Abode Ideas for children's rooms that are just greatImage source: My beautiful residence

Another innovative idea to help your kids have fun being in their room is to hang up different items of clothing for your kids to get creative with. This increases their creative skills.


West-Hollywood-Girls-Bedroom-by-Eliza-Engle-Interiors-Nursery-Ideas that are just awesomeImage source: Eliza Engle Interiors

To make yours nursery Look more youthful, many parents install shelves for stuffed animals and colorful books.

Fruits and much more

Westhampton-Beach-Playhouse-by-Chango-Co.  Nursery ideas that are just greatImage source: Chango & Co.

If you want to embellish your boring room walls, you can add many different fruit decals to give yours nursery more of a childish attitude. These can be very good Nursery ideas.

Adding toys to the mix

State-Blvd.-Residence-by-Red-Leaf-Interiors-LLC Ideas for kids rooms that are just awesomeImage source: Red Leaf Interiors, LLC

French fashion designer Alix Thomsen uses various vintage toys and superhero characters to decorate her son’s room. A boldly striped fabric on the wall serves as the headboard. This method is another idea that parents use in theirs nursery.

Tips and Tricks:

Balancing the color scheme

Nursery-Designs-by-Suzanne-Nichols-Design-Group-Inc Ideas for nurseries that are just greatImage source: Suzanne Nichols Design Group Inc.

If a room is painted a bright and vivid color and is also messy, a child may feel choked in their room. Hence, it is wise to keep the walls simple and focus more on bringing the color through the bedding, curtains and pillows, etc. This will give yours a more sophisticated yet childish look nursery, as the beds and curtains are more lively in nature and thus balance the color scheme of the room.


Vancouver-Whale-Watching-by-Fontana-Painting-LLC Children's bedroom ideas that are just awesomeImage source: Fontana Painting, LLC

It’s no secret that when you buy a wallpaper you will be drawn to lots of cute and vibrant wallpapers nurserybut putting it on all walls seems too extra. So another method could be to apply the wallpaper to just one wall and keep the rest of the walls comparatively simpler. The color scheme could be done lighter on other walls to even out the space.

Shape of space

360-interior-design-by-Cooper-Bespoke-Joinery-Ltd Ideas for children's rooms that are just fantasticImage source: Cooper Bespoke Joinery Ltd.

The shape of the room is crucial for the decoration of your room Nursery, If it’s awkwardly shaped, there may not be a lot of easily made furniture that will suit your needs. So it would be wise to have them made to measure.

If your room is in the eaves, you can add some hanging space under the eaves and decorate accordingly, leaving the full-height area for your bed. You can also set up a comfortable beanbag that doesn’t reach too high.

Multipurpose furniture

Hidde-Ridge-by-Pathway-Homes ideas for kids rooms that are just fantasticImage source: Pathway Homes

Put too much furniture in yours nursery can lead to a very stuffy and claustrophobic environment. Hence interesting Nursery ideas could also include the use of multipurpose furniture. For example, a bedside table that can also serve as a study table, or half a wardrobe, half a drawer instead of a full wardrobe, if your child doesn’t have a lot of clothes. This gives more breathing room in your Nursery.

High ceilings

House-in-Blomfield-Road-by-Alex-Findlater-Ltd Children's bedroom ideas that are just fantasticImage source: Alex Findlater Ltd.

If your room has a small footprint but a high ceiling, make the most of it by adding colorful lights to take attention away from the clutter on the floor. Another method that can be used is with butterflies on an invisible wire or cute hanging charms.

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