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Using an old bathtub as a container in your garden

Using an old bathtub as a container in your garden

Beautiful DIY bathtub garden inspiration.
I really want to get out in the garden! I have so many plans and I want to start them now! One thing I’ve always loved is gardening and I’m looking for an old cast iron tub that I can plant with flowers or maybe bamboo for my backyard along the fence. If you want inspiration to do the same, you’ll love these great examples of using an old bathtub as a container in your garden!
Using an old bathtub as a container in your garden
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We have several tips for you to transform an old bathtub into a new work of art in your garden or outdoor living space.

Fill the bathtub with flowers. Yep! A great way to give your garden lots of bright and vibrant colors is to add flowers. You can make a variety of sizes to make it even more visually appealing.
Fresh herbs are a great option. Looking for a place to add fresh herbs to your garden? Why not fill a tub with garden soil and add a variety of herbs. They will be there for you when you need them. Also, depending on what you plant, certain herbs are known to keep insects away.
A great place to grow food. Growing your own food is a thrifty way to have groceries on hand and it’s really healthy too.
Make it nice. If you don’t want to add flowers, you can add pretty plants to add some visual appeal.
Turn it into a pond. Whether you want to add live fish or just want pond plants, it’s a unique idea!
1. Clawfoot Tub Planter
Garden Betty took an old clawfoot tub and turned it into a beautiful tub pot! It’s that easy!

2. Beautiful bathtub pot
Flowers planted in a bathtub via Flickr by Kle58 are a wonderful way to add lots of color to your outdoor living.

3. Water garden planter
They would also make great water garden planters, like in this idea from the Daily Press.

4. Plant too high a flower
I just love this bathtub planted with tall flowers from Lushhome. It looks like a small cabin!

5. Raised bed Garden idea
Use a vintage tub like the Gardening Channel did! They give you steps so you can easily replicate this idea.

6. Bathtub Garden pond
The Empress of Dirt used her creativity to make an amazing garden pond with bathtub. Hearing the water is unique, fun and super relaxing.

7. DIY Bathtub Aquaponics System
Milk Wood shows you how to make a DIY bathtub Aquaponics System right in your garden. Grow your own food and have a lovely piece in your garden.

8. DIY Bathtub Dam
Add vibrant color to your living room with this DIY bathtub pond from Creative Kitchen.

These won’t work for every garden but they would be lovely in a cottage style garden!

Do you already have an old bathtub or are you going to buy one?