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+34 captivating flower pot design ideas for your home

+34 captivating flower pot design ideas for your home

Do you love flowers? Do you like to have beautiful things in your home? Maybe you are looking for a unique way to decorate an outdoor space. All of these are fantastic reasons to try pot decoration. And I’ll show you how to do it with some good ideas.

Pot decoration is to add different materials (fabric, color, clay, vinyl) to the outside of pots, urns, planters and other terracotta or ceramic containers to create something beautiful from them. It is really simple, even with the tapered shape that most pots provide.

Decorate plant pots
We have a guide for painting clay pots, but these projects go beyond simply painting. There are a variety of types of deliveries and methods used, so you will get lots of good ideas.

Before you start
Before you start any pot decoration, you must prepare your pots. Clean pots found in craft shops, garden shops and DIY home improvement stores are worried and porous. This means that they are not waterproof. You will seal the pots.

Uglased or unseen terracotta will draw moisture from the plant and the soil that keeps the pot moist. Extra moist can affect the outer decoration so that the color can be blown if not properly sealed.

Sealing of the pots
The first step in preparing new clay flower pots is to wipe away dust or dirt. The second step is to gently seal both the inside and the outside. This will not only help your decorated design on the outside of the pot to withstand blistering, it will also help the interior keep moisture in the soil. There are two different sealing techniques:

1. Spray sealing the entire pot inside and out with a few layers of clay pot denser. Allow each application to dry before applying the next layer.

2. The second method I recommend is to apply folk species outdoor seals across the surface. For extra protection, apply a second coat to the interior walls of your pot to create a waterproof barrier to protect your external decoration.

If Pot Decorating sounds like something that interests you, take a look at the list below for some ideas about what you can do with your pots! There are some good ideas – let me know which is your favorite in the comments.

Pot decoration
Learn how to decorate clay pots in different ways! Learn how to make them beautiful with over 50 pot design ideas.


Simple DIY Flower Pot Project
Decoupage fabric on Terra Cotta in this fun DIY flower project. You will love the transformation from boring to fun and beautiful!

Flower pot decoration ideas (three unique!)
Decoupage fabric on Terra Cotta in this fun DIY flower project. You will love the transformation from boring to fun and beautiful!

DIY flower pot with photos
This Mod Podge DIY flower pot is a big mother’s day gift for both moms and grandparents – and would also make a fantastic table center!

Decoupage flower pots with beautiful napkins
Learn how to buy flower pots with napkins and mod podge! This simple craft adds beauty to your home decor. Also make a fantastic gift.

Flower pot craft with Sharpie
Photo Credit: Jessica Anderson
Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot! It is so simple that it is good for children, for teenagers and for adults. . . You only need a few simple deliveries.

Plant pot Paintly makeover
Photo Credit: Lisa Tilse
This pot decoration tutorial combines two of Lisa passions: indoor plants and fantastic ceramics. With a little color, the resulting planters are completely transformed and on trend, decorated with large painting brush strokes.

Irising plant pots for a unicorn party
These terracotta plant pots are unicorn inspired, with irritating cello -wrap applied with mod podge and confetti. Perfect for parties!

Easy Mod Podge Terra Cotta pots with fabric
Use beautiful fabric on these mod Podge Terra Cotta pots for the perfect simple spring craft project! Make a fantastic container garden – or gift idea.

DIY Star Wars Garden Pots
Photo Credit: Lemonlimeadventures.com
Who are your favorite characters in Star Wars? Celebrating them on the sides on some clay pots with a little color and some imagination.

Potting painting with rubber band
Photo Credit: Wecanmakeanything.net
Rubber bands make the perfect resistance in this simple black and white pot decoration! Of course, you can use all the plants you want.

DIY Gold foil painted pots
Photo Credit: www.makingjoyandprettThings.com
If you have never used gold leaves, it is much easier than it looks. I love the idea of using gold leaves on plant pots – with whatever base color you want.

Broken Chinese mosaic flowers
Photo Credit: www.kenarry.com
Learn how to make broken porcelain mosaics with old plates. This step-by-step tutorial shows how to decorate mosaic flowers for succulents or any other type of plant you want.