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Outdoor lighting for balconies and terraces – modern outdoor lamps

Outdoor lighting for balconies and terraces – modern outdoor lamps

In beautiful, balmy summer evenings, you can enjoy the comfortable sitting on the terrace or on his balcony like also already even longer. Whether grilling or a glass of wine, now enjoy you as much time as possible outside in the fresh air.

A cosy atmosphere, the appropriate lighting should not be missed but just to later hours. Finally, mood lighting in the outdoor area provides for a nice ambiance and more comfort.

Outdoor lighting in the country house style

Who prefers something classic in a country house style, opts for a beautiful lamp Lantern style. Whether attached to the wall or as a traditional and ornate lamp, so the exterior is pleasantly lit. This can e.g. be found suitable lamps at internet. Web provides a wide range of different, beautiful lamps, matching lamps and other accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

Modern wall lights

Much modern-purist style variants from metal and glass work. Just outdoor lighting on the House wall cube-shaped or with much clearer shaping of the design provide then evening a pleasant lounge atmosphere on the balcony.

Outdoor lighting with exceptional design

Sculpture – or animal-shaped lamps are, however, very playful. With them, you can use skilful lighting accents in the garden bed to the terrace. So the flowers be used visually in scene and you get an intimate type of illumination for its terrace.

LED spots as floor lighting

Spots are becoming increasingly popular on terrace and balcony in the ground LED. These provide pleasant light and can prevent potential pitfalls due to sufficient illumination on the terrace or also the path through the garden terrace.

Practical solar lights

Decorative solar lights are a functional source of light for outdoor use. Charged the battery the lamp by sunlight day and in the evening it shines in its atmospheric light. To combine still conventional lamps, lighting is evening secured also in one day with bad weather.