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Laidley Street Residence that makes a bold statement in design

Laidley Street Residence that makes a bold statement in design

If you happen to be in San Francisco, California, consider taking a drive to see the Laidley Street residence. This is a house that literally has nothing to hide as it makes a bold statement in design compared to a house next to it.

And when all the curtains are pulled apart you can see right across the house from the street.

This well-lit home takes advantage of the natural light brought in from the windows and enhances the appearance of the entire home.

Not only do you see everything you want inside-out, but you also get amazing views of a windswept park and provide a powerful picture to those who see it from the street.

The Laidley Street residence has some darker tones on the outside that blend in with the lighter tones. When you walk into the house you are greeted with the lighter tones in terms of flooring and walls. The result is more natural light reflection, which further enhances the appearance of any room.

Since many of the rooms are next to those large bay windows, the rooms become more open. It also offers a great view for anyone who happens to stand in front of them.

The rooms are built and designed to blend well with modern amenities as well as modern technology. The bedrooms are spacious and have a bedroom so you can go out onto the terrace and enjoy the warm sun on your skin.

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