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Wet Room Decor and Design Ideas

Wet Room Decor and Design Ideas

Google for the latest bathroom trends and you will definitely discover “wet rooms” among the top results. Obviously you would be asking what a wet bedroom is; and you would read more about this interesting and inspiring trend.

In general, a wet room is a bathroom with a shower but no shower cubicle. So the attribute “wet” became. The reason people choose this solution is because it offers a spacious appearance and turns it into a cute personal spa. Let go of your classic shower anyway; and using a wet room decor could be a challenge; and there are many unique features that need to be considered.

Let’s summarize the differences between showers and wet rooms:

Wet Room Decor And Design Ideas1 Wet Room Decor And Design IdeasImage source: Carolina V. Gentry, RID

Start with a detailed analysis of your current bathroom / shower: find waterproof areas and observe the materials used to keep water off the walls. You will find that some of the most important zones are not waterproof at all (e.g. the floor). The feature that makes wet rooms unique is that they are completely waterproof. designed to look like a sealed and secure box.

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Wet room designers take every detail into account: they keep leaks away from the walls / floors; and they also ensure that there is no damage in other parts of your home. This is exactly how they go beyond conventional showers: The water flow does not have to be restricted, as the water simply drains on the floor.

Wet rooms are not always a good idea

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Before you say “I love them” and come up with ideas for designing wet rooms, make sure that they are actually suitable for your space. Wet rooms were invented for modern and spacious bathrooms; and they are not suitable for small areas that are sensitive to moisture and preservation.

Check the size

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Once you’ve determined that size isn’t an issue, calculate the space and choose the perfect corner for the most important elements of the wet room. The “must” of every wet room is a walk-in shower; as well as the classic elements such as sinks, toilets, mirrors or cupboards. Larger bathrooms can also afford the luxury of having heating rails, roll-top displays, or impressive decorations.

Before making your final decisions, think about the material of your walls / floors. and whether it could serve as a waterproof surface. Once you’ve established what you really want to include, seek out professional advice and quote makers for the best products. and calculate the exact number of items you would need.

Drainage is important

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Wet room design ideas may sound straightforward, but the truth is, there’s a whole science behind it. If you don’t calculate the base and slope, you can flood your own bathroom. For example, spaces that are too shallow collect water instead of draining it. while steeps make the place strange and uncomfortable. If you’re not really experienced and informed, we recommend looking for pre-built pools and decks with a slope suitable for your space. This way, you can get the perfect bathroom with minimal effort and calculations.

Glass shades are very welcome

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As already mentioned, in wet rooms everything revolves around spaciousness, air and pleasant feelings. This is exactly why you need transparent screens to protect the interior elements. As a result, the space between the shower and the rest of the bathroom is “erased”. and you get visual harmony for the whole place. When buying a screen, choose a screen that is solid and easy to maintain. Ideal against powdery mildew which could affect the perfection of your design solution.

What about the shower?

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Showers shouldn’t be the central element in a wet room. Their place is usually in a corner, next to the toilet, or completely separated by a pane of glass. Sometimes they even serve as a barrier between the “traditional” bathroom and the cozy spa.

Wherever you place it, think carefully about the elements that will surround it. Your towels and storage cupboards need to be kept well away, ideally covered with some protective material. In order to avoid serious damage, the showers should also be kept far from the entrance and sockets.

Choose a suitable shower head

Wet Room Decor And Design Ideas 8 Wet Room Decor And Design IdeasSource: Flowers Michelin

When thinking about showering, the most important thing to look out for is the head. Heads should be elegant and beautiful, unlike any plastic and cheap fit you can find on the market. If you want to adapt to modernist and minimal trends, choose a thin version and attach it to the wall. This is what spas actually look like, right?


Wet Room Decor And Design Ideas 9 Wet Room Decor And Design IdeasImage source: Kelly & Stone Architects

What makes wet rooms so strong is their watertightness. Primed floors, lower wall segments; Panes of glass; and syrupy membranes are some of the mandatory protective measures. Once this is done, a wet room needs to be fully tiled so that the water can easily drain away.

Another important tip is to raise the door sill at least 5 mm above the floor to prevent water from leaking out of the room.

Tiling and heating

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Tile is probably the best method for waterproof coverings, but you can always choose a more interesting solution and choose equally solid materials like vinyl or Corian. It’s up to you to choose a method that looks natural and sophisticated. it is easy to clean and maintain; and it offers impeccable protection.

When it comes to tiles and traditional solutions, we recommend porcelain and ceramics. Marble and limestone are also safe as long as you keep an eye on them and seal them regularly. Plus, they could be really slippery; and they cost a small fortune.

The best heating solution is underground heaters as exposed radiators can really spoil the picture. Additionally, you don’t want to weigh your budget on something that moisture can easily damage.

A summary of your wet design scheme

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Remember that the main purpose of creating a wet room is to make sure you have a modern, clean, and stylish bathroom. So keep the elements standard and minimal. Install materials that are protective and functional. and make sure you have no trouble cleaning and maintaining the place.

Hide those piles of cosmetic products and accessories (at the end of the day, that’s exactly what closets are designed for). and you get a beautiful and functional bathroom.