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Wardrobe Ideas: How to create a stylish order!

Wardrobe Ideas: How to create a stylish order!

Whether you nail different doorknobs on a board and hang in the hallway, narrow rods attached to each other or nailed long nails with coat hooks on the wall – it is teeming with ideas for wardrobes to do it yourself. Of course there is also a large selection of original or elegant coatrack stands to buy. When designing the wardrobe, there are no limits. Only one thing must not be cloakroom sets: boring.

Which furniture is suitable for your hall? These types of wardrobes are available:

  • The wall wardrobe: As the name suggests, this wardrobe form is attached to the wall. In the simplest form, it is a carrier plate with hooks or a rod to which hangers are attached. They come in many different forms, often with hatrack or integrated mirror,
  • The coat rack: This wardrobe is free-standing and has the advantage that it can be easily placed anywhere in the room without consuming a lot of space.
  • The locker: If you like it tidy, access to the locker. Jackets, shoes and scarves disappear behind the doors and in the integrated Shoe cabinet, Often, the cabinets are equipped with a mirror that helps to dress.
  • The wardrobe set: If you want to have it uniform in the hallway, you reach for the wardrobe set. In addition to mirror and hat rack, there is a cloakroom bench, shelf or shoe cabinet in the same look.

Wardrobe Ideas – How to Build Your Own:

Have you ever considered building your own wardrobe? This is not difficult and is great as DIY-Project. You need hooks or just a rod from the hardware store to hang hangers. Look around the community, our members have put many creative ideas into action. Used old steel pipes, which are led into the wall, birch trunks, at their branches Jackets Find space or ladders that will be converted to the clothes rail. Ideal for children: the wardrobe of farmyard animals made of rubber, which look at a low height from the wall. Provides fun and orderly jackets in the hallway.