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Modern Wardrobe: How to integrate the storage space miracle!

Modern Wardrobe: How to integrate the storage space miracle!

Wardrobe is not the same wardrobe:

Whether as a hinged or sliding door wardrobe, wardrobe for children, corner wardrobe or folding door wardrobe. The selection of wardrobes is huge! The matching cabinet is guaranteed for everyone. The choice of the matching wardrobe depends on several criteria:

  • What is the room and how much width and space do I have for the wardrobe?
  • How spacious is the place in front the wardrobe? Finally, the doors should be able to be opened completely.
  • And above all: What do the other furniture look like in the room?

Basically, a wardrobe should fit into the overall picture of the room. Large, bulky wardrobes work in one small room fast too dominant. Small wardrobes can sink in large rooms, however. When choosing the material, you should first take a look at the existing furniture. In general, style break is allowed, of course, it is critical only in a wild combination of different wood species: Only rarely do different types of wood harmonize visually with each other. The safe way is to combine furniture that has been painted white. White has the additional advantage that the cabinet is less dominant.

A question of the doors

And what are the differences between the different wardrobes? Basically, a distinction can be made in the hinged-door wardrobe, the sliding-door cabinet and the trapdoor cabinet.

The Hinged door wardrobe is with doors that are unfolded to the outside, probably the best known kind. Some hinged-door wardrobes can be opened inwards and are thus a space-saving alternative. Characteristic of such wardrobes are also the often integrated drawers and a mirror surface in the front area.

On Wardrobes is the more modern version of wardrobes. The characteristic feature of a sliding-door cabinet is the space-saving suspension of the sliding doors. Space to open the doors is not needed, because they can simply be pushed over each other. This is particularly advantageous in smaller rooms.

Folding- are mostly room-high and can, as the name implies, be folded up in the area of ​​the doors. Such a cabinet is particularly suitable in rooms where there is no spacious area in front of the bar.

Alternatives to the wardrobe are the built-in wardrobe, the walk-in closet or open solutions like clothes rails and clothes rack, You have to decide individually according to your needs and the size of your apartment, which wardrobe or which alternative fits you. Your wardrobe is optimally integrated into your feel-good oasis? Let’s see! Upload your photo and share your cozy highlight with the community.