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Wall murals modern ideas

Wall murals modern ideas

Just one or the other room a new touch missed or freshly moved? All furniture is in place, even fresh houseplants and fresh cut flowers adorn the table, but somehow the room still looks unfinished? A clear thing: The walls are, no matter if purist white, dreamy pastel or bright colorful, bare. And the room looks boring, empty and just not “round”.

The right Pepp bring the matching murals. Even the purists among us, who love clean lines and white walls, will agree: it is the wall decoration that gives the room soul, without destroying the style. Rather, the excellent art print, the high-quality photo poster or the durable canvas emphasizes the respective furnishing style and brings the true individuality into a room as an eye-catcher.

Whether extravagant and stylish, cheeky and colorful or chic and timeless – the posters of Posterlounge are available as posters, canvas or art print in various formats and sizes. The motif selection appears endless. It is allowed, what pleases and just fits your own self.

The trend this year is also in the wall decoration to gaudy eye-catcher, which attracts attention especially in an otherwise white or restrained device and invigorating effect. Warm orange tones, breezy shades of green or gentle yellows harmonize with most of the interior design styles and convey harmony and security. So every room becomes a home!

The retro images from Posterlounge are a wonderful addition to the vintage style. Everything from the 50s to the 70s celebrates its comeback with graphic patterns, hippie chic, pin up’s in candy colors or even the typical animal motifs, such as owls and ravens. With this wall art every room becomes a cult object.

Timeless elegance and puristic design embody particularly high quality photographs in black and white or color. Timeless motifs that just nobody can see enough radiate a very special flair. Especially beautiful is the photo canvas, which never loses its brilliance. Especially for purists a stylish wall decoration!

Not to forget, of course, is the room of the dear little ones, which becomes a jewel especially with the lovely murals and every child brings to wonder and discovery. Pink princesses, knight castles, animal worlds, phantasies – for every child’s eye here is the right one.