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Bathroom renovation : No matter what size, that’s how you make it beautiful!

Bathroom renovation : No matter what size, that’s how you make it beautiful!

The planning of the bathroom

Whether a bathroom is renovated, renovated or completely rebuilt: bathrooms are a masterpiece and must be planned clearly. Masons, tilers, plumbing, heating plumber and possibly even a glazier is needed to implement a good plan for the bathroom – and the necessary change, because bathrooms are expensive. Therefore, possible sources of error should be addressed and discussed from the outset. In the best case with a bathroom planner. It is therefore important to discuss this point in detail with experts.

No matter how small the bathroom is, enough storage space should always be planned, even in the right places for selected furniture. The rest is personal preference. For luxury lovers, who have a large bathroom are freestanding bathtubs an absolute highlight. Many furniture manufacturers have a large selection of bathtubs that can be chosen to match the space available in the bathroom and the style of the furniture. The versatile use of the room and the furniture is no longer just about functionality, but above all about the feel-good character. Therefore, accessories such as cozy towels, warm, indirect light and beautiful materials play an important role in creating the perfect ambience in the bathroom.

The personal wellness temple

If it goes according to our wishes, the word “bathroom” no longer meets today’s requirements. At best, behind the bathroom door hides a small wellness temple – a place of rest, relaxation and body care. A free-standing bathtub, a sink with chic fittings or a mirror cabinet that invites you to the beauty program and at the same time hides tubes and jars. A shower with rain shower head or a whirlpool, which make the daily body cleansing a wellness ritual. One or two such design objects turn every bathroom into a home spa.

From the tiles to the washbasin to the faucets: With the right budget, we have all the options to implement a bathroom according to our ideas and needs. Perfectly rounded is the dream bathroom then with the appropriate decoration. There is the right bathroom equipment for every style. A great highlight for any bathroom is underfloor heating – a luxury that really makes you happy on cold winter days. In general, floor coverings are a big issue in the bathroom design: for example, tiles in wood look are a nice way to make the bathroom look homely. For some years, Tadelakt in the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. The Moroccan lime plaster is extremely moisture resistant, has a disinfecting effect and provides a modern look in the bathroom.

To turn the bathroom into a small private spa, furniture and matching accessories help. Shelves such as poufs made of waterproof materials, stools or chests of wood materials bring a warm ambience to the bathroom. The cozy effect is enhanced when the wooden bathroom furniture is left in its natural color tones. To bring order between the chaos of the many care products, small baskets are good, in which one can stow cream tubes, hair ties and combs.