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Solid wood bedside tables

Solid wood bedside tables

Solid wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to bedroom furnishings. solid wood bedside tables boast unique designs and thoughtful features. Whether height-adjustable bedside tables, models with drawers or for hanging – under the various bedside consoles made of beech, core beech, wild oak, acacia and many other woods is certainly your dream model here.

Natural beauties from noble woods: Elegant bedside tables made of solid wood

With a solid wood bedside table, you add an attractive and stylish piece of furniture to your bedroom furniture, which at the same time offers you storage space and storage space. Many of high-quality solid wood bedside tables are also suitable as auxiliary furniture in the office, living room and hallway thanks to their straightforward design and the equipment with drawers.

Solid wood bedside tables for every bed frame height

To get as comfortable as possible on glasses, alarm clock and bedside lamp on the shelf of your solid wood bedside table, we recommend that you pay attention to the correct height – especially in futon, box spring and comfort high heels.

Further information about solid wood bedside tables

In addition to classic bedside tables made of beech or oak, we offer you numerous state-of-the-art consoles and tables in a contemporary design. Highlights include the floating or height-adjustable bedside tables as well as reduced models with harmoniously rounded edges.

Matching futon bed frames, low bedside tables with just a drawer ready for you. For high beds, we recommend, however, to solid wood bedside tables, whose height corresponds approximately to the bed frame. Most of these models have several drawers, are height-adjustable or combine storage compartments and drawers.

In order for the bedside table and bedframe to be in perfect harmony, they should either be made of the same solid wood or create an attractive contrast.