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iron beds

iron beds

From classic to romantic to modern – iron beds can be integrated into numerous furnishing concepts. The hand-forged beds made of solid iron impress with their outstanding quality and above-average longevity with one goal: to give you a lot of pleasure and comfortable sleep. Characteristic of all iron beds is the hand applied by wiping technique silver or golden patina.

High-quality beds made of solid iron: Modern and antique iron beds

With their hand-forged decorative elements and the patina applied elaborately in wiping technique, iron beds are the eye-catcher in every bedroom. From cutting to final production, experienced blacksmiths ensure that the iron beds impress with their quality, longevity and comfort.

Hand-shaped decorative elements

In particular, in the numerous decorative elements of the outstanding craftsmanship can be seen: the blacksmiths heat the raw material under the butt to the red heat and hit with a hammer, the solid iron bars in the desired shape. In this elaborate process arise the many flourishes, bows and snails, which testify to the smallest detail of the love and passion of blacksmiths for massive iron.

Model variety of iron beds

In order to form a stylish bedstead from the high-quality solid iron, numerous steps are required, which are carried out almost exclusively by hand with the assistance of less technical aids.

After all the items are completed, the assembly and cleaning takes place. Robust weld seams ensure on the one hand a particularly long hold, on the other hand an elegant transition between the individual components. The subsequent cleaning by means of sandblasting enables a smooth and grease-free surface.

All iron beds are powder coated in white, cream, brown or anthracite. In a drying oven, the powder particles begin to glow at 250 ° C and fuse together. This creates a smooth and continuous color layer.