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Curtain hooks types and usage

Curtain hooks types and usage

Curtain hooks are the small things that are attached directly to the curtain, making it possible to be hanged to the rings of its pole. They are the link between the curtain and the rings, and no one sees them but the one installing the curtain itself. It is common for these hooks to have certain shapes, as they are attached to a special ribbon on the inside top of each curtain. According to the type of this ribbon, the shape of the hook is determined.

be made from many materials, the most commonly used ones are plastic and metal. Some manufacturers do not give much attention to the quality of the metal, as they think that the hook is hidden and no one will see if its good or not. In this scenario, plastic hooks are the best solution. They will never change colors and they are hard to break, they also do the job exactly like the metal ones. The best metal used in making hooks is stainless steel, as it hardly rust or change colors; it also has high endurance compared to other metals.

There are no many designs for curtain hooks, and the all depend on the ribbon they are going be attached to. The simplest form of it is a curled up shape that goes into thick threads on the ribbon. There is another shape of them, which looks like a fork with a small bent piece to go into the rings. Both shapes are great and they do the same job, the only difference between them is the ribbon they are inserted into. So do not buy hooks unless you know what kind of ribbons is there on your curtain.

Hooks Vs. Rings

Many people confuse the rings with hooks, for them we say it is easy to differentiate. Curtain hooks are the one that get attached to the curtain itself, but the rings are the ones that the pole goes through. They complete each other, as the curtain cannot be hanged without the presence of both.