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Cylinder wall lamps

Cylinder wall lamps

If you want to light up your outdoors, there is a wide range of cylinder wall scones that you can choose from. One of the best lamps that can be used outdoors is cast brass which is perfect for any garden. The candle is made of robust brass luminaire that is weather resistant, sealed and is perfect for outdoor use, especially in places by the sea.

The lighting fixture has a lifetime guarantee that fits perfectly outdoors. This can be equipped with a 50W lamp or an LED lamp. It is also resistant to corrosion.

Light up your porch with modern outdoor lighting

It consists of glass, stainless steel and zinc alloy protection and gets a brushed nickel and silicone glue. It is built resistant to rust and weather. It is a cylindrical wall lamp that must be mounted on the wall. It requires A60, 6 watt LED light bulb.

It is built with water resistance so you can be sure that you will not have any problems once you have mounted it on the porch. It is ideal for a small porch.

Why choose cylindrical wall scones?

Cylinder wall scones consist of powder-coated steel that is treated for resistance to weather and rust. It has a modern architectural design. Its hallmark is an LED motor. It is durable with a design that is both basic and versatile. It has a clear glass coating.

Once you have mounted this on your porch, it will give a decorative look and give you service for many years.

A cylindrical wall lamp with many possibilities

It is designed with a white cylindrical ceramic screen and is available in a number of sizes. You can have with or without lifting as well as a perforating band that is decorative. It has a Bisque surface that can be painted.

You can paint this surface and customize it to any color. This can give you a wide range of solutions for lighting commercial and residential environments.