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A cream bedside lamp for bedroom decor

A cream bedside lamp for bedroom decor

Bedroom lights

The bedroom is our refuge, where we rest at the end of the day and regain energy. This is precisely why it should be well decorated according to our preferences and needs, although we sometimes think that because no one sees it, we do not need to pay much attention to its details.

We always think of the bed first, because it is an obvious necessity and in the times when we bought the whole room game, we did not think of anything else. The current trend is that the furniture is bought separately, which gives us the opportunity to mix according to our taste and of course according to our budget.

Bedside table.

This time we focus on bedside tables, a bedroom needs them, because they are a piece that accommodates us and should be more than just decorative furniture, must be adapted to our needs for space, style and use.

As we said, it is no longer necessary for them to be exactly the same as the bed. If available in different materials can achieve an interesting contrast and accentuate your personal seal. The ideas are as many as the effect you want to achieve.

Beware of dimensions, we can create beautiful compositions or interesting contrasts that combine materials and shapes, but if we do not take into account the scale, the whole panorama can be damaged.

If you do not have enough space, you can only use one table, and if you prefer two, make sure that the room does not look too charged. Even a stool or base tray can be the most flamboyant bedside table, it’s about using your imagination.

The lightning

If we had a formula for placing, the essential elements could be lamp + books + art and give us the perfect bedside table. If you are reading on electronic devices, perhaps a charger, if your lamp is hanging or if you have lamps focused from the ceiling, the lamp is not a necessity. In short, it all depends on the use to be made.

In summary, you can achieve an excellent decor next to the bed, which makes us feel more comfortable using, for example, a small light-colored wooden nightstand with a small portrait with a metal gray lead frame and a creamy night light.