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Modern Desk Inspiration: Work is fun!

Modern Desk Inspiration: Work is fun!

Working and having fun! With a desk that has been adapted to personal needs, you can make sure that you – whether in the home office or office space – like sitting at your desk. There are many uses for writing desks: as a modern computer desk for the home office, as multifunctional tables for meals and work or as an eye-catcher in the form of antique furniture such as a secretary.

What should you look for in a desk?

  • Where should the table be placed?
  • How much space is available in the room?
  • Do the measurements fit from the desk to the desk chair?
  • For which work is the desk additionally used?
  • Which model fits the furnishing style of the apartment?
  • Does the furniture provide enough storage space?

On average, a desk has a size of 120 x 80 centimeters and is about 74 to 76 centimeters high.

Anyone who sits for a long time at the desk and attaches great importance to health should look for height adjustable desks decide. These tables are not just a good choice for growing kids and teenagers. Even adults can prevent such a furniture a tense neck or back pain.

But what about a permanent desk in the workplace?

With a permanent workplace in the office, apart from the decoration, you can not change much – but it changes everything! How about, for example, an original system of order: To do so, simply nail nails into the wall at regular intervals, hang small plastic buckets in a single color, decorate with adhesive tape and label.