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Hallway wall decor ideas for your comfortable home

Hallway wall decor ideas for your comfortable home

When it comes to decorating the interiors of our homes, we often ignore hallways in favor of more traditional spaces. However, when a hallway is nicely decorated it can really help to bring the entire house together.

While many hallways may not have a lot of natural light, they can still look great if given a lot of decor and love from the homeowner.

Here are some great hallway wall decorating ideas that you can write down and follow to add even more excitement to the interior of your home.

Give it a coat of paint

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You’ve probably heard that paint is perhaps the best and cheapest way to draw attention to any interior space. This is definitely true regardless of the room being painted, and it’s one of the best hallway paint ideas too. Since a hallway is likely to lack a lot of natural light, paint it a lighter color as this will mentally make the hallway appear wider than it actually is.

Choose the right color scheme

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Choosing the right color scheme for your hallway is extremely important because, for many people, first impressions really make a difference. If you go for more neutral colors, the hallway will definitely feel airy and light. However, you should also consider colors like yellow, pink, blue, green, and other pastel colors to create a happier feel. In addition, it is much easier to work with such colors in the long run.

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If you have pieces from a specific period that you want to show off in your hallway, consider using a color scheme that is cut back. Additionally, you can also use paint or wallpaper that is richly patterned in areas such as recesses, corners, above the dado rail and on stairs with a bold stair runner.

Another good idea is to hang up an arrangement of your favorite postcards, framed photos, or prints. You may also want to put a console table in the hallway and put a potted plant of a light color on it.

Always make sure everything is clean and tidy

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One of the most important things about a hallway is always making sure it’s always neat, tidy and free of clutter. This can help prevent clutter, injuries and accidents. Consider using felt storage boxes for items like shoes, as well as a notice board that can be hung on the wall.


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Be as practical as you want when decorating your hallway. For example, if you want a specific topic to be featured, you can present that topic as often as you want. Present your articles instead of hiding most of them from view.

Add a focus of architectural interest

Consider installing siding in your hallway as a form of architectural interest and character. This saves you from adding shelves or wall hangings of any kind.

Turn your hallway into an art gallery

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Your hallway can be a great place to display photos and artwork that have special meaning to you and your entire family. While you will be the one who sees this most of the time, visitors to your home will no doubt enjoy the personal touch that you have given this particular space.

Hang up your hats

Wall hangings are also a great addition to hallways as they can keep things like hats, bags, etc. within easy reach.


If you plan to put a table in a hallway, make sure the top is as straight and narrow as possible. Not only would this be a good place to drop things like sunglasses and keys, but you can also put flowers and a photo or two here to add a bit of value to the room.


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When you hang an oversized mirror in just the right spot in the hallway, it creates the illusion that there is more depth than there is.


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Find that one photo that is sure to bring out most of every space in your home and hang it in your hallway. Placing this type of photo on a solid color wall is just enough to make the room absolutely fabulous.


This is best done in hallways that are smaller. Often times, pillows that have ruffles or piping in them help to get the most attention.


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If you’re working with a larger hallway, you can turn it into some sort of mini-space by adding shelves and even seating.


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For a hallway, especially one that is near an entrance, it is important that some kind of functionality is associated with it. For example, consider adding a couple of coat hooks or turning them into a dirt room to store shoes when entering the house.


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Hallways are usually considered prime locations in any home, as they lead you to virtually every single room in the house itself. It is all the more important that these rooms are designed correctly.