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Floor lamp shade

Floor lamp shade

Restoring or replacing yourself with any damaged pieces or objects in the house seems like tedious work, but if you have patience and creativity, you can make unimaginable changes for yourself as well. In addition to using our free time in a leisure activity at home that forces us to forget the daily routine.

If we also recycle, reuse, give a new life to a household item, we can save money and give that element a new look while renewing the decoration.

Floor lamp shade replacement to create an eclectic interior.

Take for example a classic floor lamp shade replacement that we have in the living room, which costs us some money when we bought it, but we are tired of the look.

We have three options, 1. – we discard the old floor lamp and buy a new one, or 2. – we just discard the screen and we buy another, or 3. – Do it yourself when you replace the floor lamp. Well, my advice is to decide on the third option.

When we make this decision, we also make the decision to take over the home decor. Upgrade the style, probably from classic to eclectic style, where each element has its own style, but the whole thing gives the room a nice and cozy feel.

We start by painting some walls with bright colors, closest to the place where we will place the floor lamp; if it goes in a corner, better and paint the same bright color the two walls that form the corner.

Create an individual floor lamp with color.

We start by painting with white acrylic paint, the old screen, give it two or three hands, sand gently between layers.

With a template made by hand, with the motifs you want, they can be human or animal silhouettes or figures. Continue to paint the motifs on the screen with a gold metal paint and give them small strokes with the brush to leave some relief.

Finally, let the screen dry and place it in the lamp, do not forget to do a little restoration, even with paint to the base.