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Modern house entrance design ideas

Modern house entrance design ideas

The front entrance to your home introduces visitors to your home and you. A well designed front entrance makes the house look attractive and inviting. Whether it’s a Victorian bungalow or even a colonial cottage with hundreds of years of design details, or a minimalist modern townhouse whose only “decorative” features are buzzers and peepholes, you can make the entrance to your home inviting, by adding colors, lighting, and other details that enhance the style of your home.

A suitable introduction takes into account natural light, architectural highlights, and the landscape around your home. Brick, stone, siding, clapboard, wood, and metal can enhance each other as design elements in the “composition” that is your main entrance. To unite the front entrance with the rest of the house, use the same shapes in different materials, colors and scales that bring an overall theme together and give your home the beauty you are looking for.

Illuminate the way

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Some houses look beautiful during the day, but at night they look dark and uninviting. You can use architectural lighting to make your home just as inviting in the evening as it is in the morning. Landscape lighting can be seen as an architectural detail as it illuminates steps, sidewalks, walkways, and porches or patios. Uplighting can enhance pillars, alcoves, and other paneling enhancements on the outside of a home. Modern house entrances may have reflective covers over the lights to improve visibility and safety along the sidewalk, or small, solar-powered lights that illuminate the steps and walkways with a soft glow that is stored on sunny afternoons. There are a variety of entryway design ideas that you can use to make your home just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

Highlight details from the architectural era

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Whether the details of your front entrance are architectural eras, neoclassical columns, Victorian “gingerbread”, Spanish-inspired brickwork, or the bare lines of the early 20th century, they make a strong visual statement that is part of the overall theme of the House is.

Step back and check out the details of your front entrance. See your facade as a whole. Look for details that can be painted, enhanced, or updated to give your home a uniform, attractive look. Panels on doors and windows, shutters and cornices can blend in or contrast with the rest of the house. Roof overhang details and gutters can become color highlights that make a mild facade more interesting.

Give your entrance the attention it deserves

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While this seems obvious (now that you’ve read an article about it), the front entrance is often the most neglected part of the house. Once in their homes, people don’t see the entrance and forget to clean it most of the year. Remove dust and leaves. Shake out and wash mats. If the porch is the only place to store rakes, snow shovels, bicycles, lawnmowers, etc., keep these things neat and organized so they’re easy to find and use. Repaint, wash, and pressure wash the brick, wood, and siding.

Mix and match materials

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Often times, the best way to embellish a front entrance is to use existing materials, and then add a variety of others to it. Strong geometry makes an attractive front entry. Use the same geometric shape to blend the contrasts of brick, stone, wood, metal, siding, and clapboard.

Simplify your front entrance

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Small, functional details can make the front entrance sing. Instead of using color on the front door, you can change the style and shape of the front door to match the exterior details around it. If you have steps that lead to your front door, consider using mosaic tiles and quarry tiles to make the steps stand out. Update your house numbers, wall-mounted mailbox, and door fittings to complete the look.

The front entrance can add color and whimsy to your home

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Many people consider the main entrance an ideal place to personalize the look of their home. You might want to use color to create a quirky, custom front door. Red, yellow, orange and green are popular colors for front doors.

  • House doors don’t have to be made of wood;
  • Steel doors are also available.
  • Add a fresh touch to your front entrance with plants.

Plants are a key element of landscaping that can make your home decor successful. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose between small and large plants that will add an inviting look to your front entrance.

    • A flower pot, terrarium, or green plant can make the look of the front steps more interesting.
    • Edge or corner plants can weaken the “hardscape” effect of mere cement steps and arches.
    • Rows of decorative plants can define a sidewalk or sidewalk.
    • Pairs of potted plants create symmetry along steps or sidewalks. (Add an iron arbor for a classic, feminine decorative touch.)
    • Plants in decorative pots look friendly on the front door.
    • If your home is on a steep slope, rows of hardy perennials, bushes, or even small trees under the home can help prevent soil erosion.
    • Shrubbery or rows of trees along either side of a long walkway or driveway create a peaceful, inviting entrance avenue.
    • Hanging plants in pots are part of a traditional American look that goes well with brick walls and wooden doors.

For outdoor plantings, choose attractive plants that are native to your residential area. They are likely to be robust and require little further maintenance or expense.

Consider garden furniture

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Depending on the size of your front entryway, you may want to add furniture that suits the purposes of the people using the entryway. Consider park benches (made from traditional wood, more durable metal, or recycled plastic) or picnic tables and seats (also traditionally made from wood, sometimes cedar, and also made from recycled plastic). If you have a patio, wrought iron chairs or bistro-style seating is traditional.

A veranda is an open-air space ideal for summer entertainment. A covered veranda, whether enclosed by screens or left open, can be set up and decorated like a room. It is mainly used in warm weather and should feel like a cool, calm place to relax.

The traditional look might be best for your front entrance

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Brick walls, wooden doors, a fully covered open porch with some flower pots and hanging baskets are the traditional look of the American main entrance. This look offers just as much space for creative individual details as blue jeans.

Consider inexpensive seasonal decorations to vary the look of your front entrance

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After you’ve chosen simple, functional design elements that work together to create an attractive front entrance, it’s time to have fun with temporary seasonal decorations that express your creativity. Handmade garden decorations and spring flowers can be simple and elegant representations of taste.

Check what the neighbors are doing

You may get ideas from the neighbors’ front entry design and they may get ideas from you. The neighbors’ houses are part of the overall environment into which your house should blend harmoniously.


A beautiful front entrance is an asset that you and your guests can be proud of. This increases the attractiveness of your home and the attractiveness of entertainment in your home. You can use simplicity, architectural details, and lighting to make your front entrance beautiful.