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How to decorate touches base lamp

How to decorate touches base lamp

We all have lights at home. Some are old, others are new and even obsolete. Lamps are an essential part of our home decor and leaving an impressive piece in the corner will nullify our other efforts in the decorations. Below are some tips that can make your touch base lamp a new one according to your interior design.

Spray paint –

Color, lust or artistic impression can be added to the bottom of the lamp using spray paints. Remember to use only a few layers as you do not want the lamp’s touch function to be covered by the color. This technique can be used when a good touch base lamp but it does not match your interior anymore.

Creative way to customize a lamp is to use stencil as well. Patterns that suit your base and the decor or color of the room can be used on your lamp. These are especially appealing in the children’s room when shapes such as geometric figures, small animals or floral prints are added to the base. Remember again that your lamp is touch-based, so just add a little color.

You must have a daughter who now does not like your lamp. Use some DIY ornamental design on the lamp and show it to your daughter that she will surely like it. Seashells, stones, appliqués, faux jewels or even pearls can be used to decorate the lamp. Make sure you leave enough space on the lamp cabinet and on the base to be operated by touch.

Fabric can be used to decorate the lamps only if you have rustic, bohemian, cottage or French inspired design in your house. Lace, floral patterns or bold geometry can be used to charm and beautify the lamp base. For a more finished look, you can use ribbons or borders around the perimeter. Even if your lamp is a Touch Base Lamp, a single layer of fabric will not have much effect on its function.