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Practical beds for the offspring: Cots 90×200 cm

Practical beds for the offspring: Cots 90×200 cm

When the initial baby cot gets too small, it’s time for your first own cot. Cots 90×200 cm are the perfect choice. With them, your offspring will enjoy more space – the new bed can also be used comfortably even in adolescence.

Many children can not wait to finally move into a “real” bed. While the generous lying surface provides all sorts of comfort and freedom, the bed frame may continue to be made more child-friendly. Clever are the cots 90×200 cm, which invite you to play and discover during the day and are comfortable and safe at night.

Are there any cots that grow along?

At the latest from the age of five years, children’s beds 90×200 cm will be indispensable. Then the child moves into his own room and needs a lot of space in the future. For this reason, for example, the drawer crib is popular. With its drawer system, it brings order to the nursery and convinces with its child-friendly presentation.

Small explorers also prefer adventurous loft beds. Perfect for creative play is the LIFETIME adventure and bunk bed . Motorsport enthusiastic kids should, on the other hand, feel comfortable in the car bed, which, thanks to the high frame.

If the scion plays the room devotedly in the afternoon, the parents are happy too. Cots are therefore 90×200 in size, which invite to dream at night and imaginative discovery during the day. How about, for example, the cabin bed “beach house”? Loving details provide a breeze of sea air in the nursery and your scion has quasi summer holidays. An optional bed drawer even offers spontaneous overnight guests a leisurely camp.