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Wall Colors Ideas for rooms

Wall Colors Ideas for rooms

White walls radiate cleanliness and every piece of furniture goes well with white walls. We would like to present you wall-colored ideas, however, because colorful colors bring different moods and effects into your own four walls. Choosing the right color tones and wallpainting combinations for an optimal room effect and a pleasant living atmosphere in the rooms is a tricky business. The following examples should provide a first idea for the possible hues and compilations.

The beautiful wall color Pink Lady is a subtle color, but it really stands out. Alpina has created some wonderful color recipes for your home. Alpina advises you on the most beautiful colors and give you tips and tricks around wall paint ideas.

A very eye-catching color is this one here. This pink tone can be combined very well with many other bright wall colors. As you can see from this example here, this pink tone harmonizes very well with a strong yellow. So if you want to be brave, you should delete or design your room in this color combination. In addition, one has several bright alternatives for a combination of colors.

Wall color English reed

This wall paint is a very pleasant color. As one says so beautifully: “Green is the hope”! But this color gives you not only hope but also peace and a certain attachment to nature. This bright green that adapts pleasantly to any room and gives it that certain pep. Nice for small rooms and rooms with shabby chic furniture.

Still waters

This blue tone is fresh and invigorating. At the same time, it gives the room a certain coolness and can, in combination with certain pieces of furniture, revive past years. The selection of the color combination of blue, brown and beige is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and just with the typical patterns from this period you get the perfect old school look.

Gray Eminence

The color “Gray Eminence”  is a cool color, which is best looked after with small colored accessories. This hue is very dominant and works quite hard for a wall color from the range of shades of gray. However, she is a real eye-catcher and applied on smooth walls, she is really pretty. We recommend this wall color idea in large and high rooms because the dark gray tones can quickly crush small rooms.

Wall color summer kiss

This summer color “summer kiss” is the perfect color to ring in the summer. Fresh and at the same time discreet, but not too subtle that he does not touch the senses. In color combination with red and green he amplifies his tone and shines almost. Just perfect for the spring and summer.

Beautiful living colors

With a few small but fine color accents you can transform a whole room. The walls are kept in a light tone, but the furniture or accessories bring the right color accents. Dark shades of brown combined with beige and white tones bring the right mood in this living room with open fireplace.