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Cottage Style Kitchen Designs

Cottage Style Kitchen Designs

Cottage-inspired houses always remind of the family atmosphere and bring a number of unpretentious details that make the place cozy, such as natural fabrics and materials.

The cottage style is not just a solution for the interior, but an overall friendly attitude that you can add to any room in the home, especially the kitchen, which is becoming more and more social.

Indeed, cottage kitchen design ideas are among the most popular and easiest to implement, which is why they are recommended to our readers.

But how do country-style kitchen designs work? Let us explain:

Inconspicuous pallets

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain1 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: CapeRace cultural adventure

Once you have decided on a cottage-style kitchen, pay special attention to the color scheme you are about to introduce.

The cottage style is more rustic and traditional and therefore prefers cream, beige and similar pastel shades. To break the monotony, you can spice it up with some buttery yellow, mint, or even lavender.

storage room

Cottage-style-kitchen-designs-easy-to-get 2 cottage-style kitchen designsImage Source: Designs by Dawn in the Lake Street Design Studio

As with any other kitchen, the cabin kitchens handle the issue of storage with care, trying to introduce as many storage elements as possible.

The kitchen must be functional and practical so that the owner can carry out his duties. That is why more objects have to be hidden than exhibited.

However, some designers would tell you that the hallmark of country style kitchens is open cabinets and shelving, as it keeps the space more spacious and informal.

Pine lines

The pine lining is one of the most famous aspects of cottage kitchens, where the architectural issue is solved by cladding, warming walls and grooved design.

Visually, these look good because of the calm and unobtrusive appearance, and it’s pretty impressive how something we don’t even notice at first glance can so irresistibly remind us of a cottage.

It just blends in with the rest of the decor, largely due to the creamy colors and the old, desperate look.

Bead boards

Cottage kitchens can handle pearl boards like no other kitchen. Just try them out. They look amazing on your cabinets, islands, walls, or even the ceiling itself.

If you want to make them even more interesting, swap them out horizontally. Use a fresh bang of crispy white and the look is completed.

Hardwood floors

Cottage-style-kitchen-designs-easy-to-get 7 cottage-style kitchen designsImage source: Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc.

One of the things that make cottage kitchens so cozy is their hardwood floors, which look both warm and inviting, leaving plenty of space for you to add any element you like.

They work extremely well if you use them around the house continuously. You have probably already considered this idea to be the most durable and easiest to maintain.

Even so, it all depends on the materials and finishes you will choose. However, we encourage you to look for the highest quality materials.


Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain9 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

The synonyms for cottage kitchens are casual themes and comfortable environments that can be achieved with sturdy wooden tables, comfortable chairs and natural fabric cushions in traditional colors and patterns.

Noticeable rays

Cottage-style-kitchen-designs-easy-to-obtain 3 cottage-style kitchen designsImage source: Dura Supreme Cabinetry & Hahka kitchens

Flashy and exposed beams might sound too French to you at first, but they are typical of any cottage kitchen around the world.

If possible, renovate the room and install the joists on your ceiling. You will just love the rustic and homely feel they convey.

Store-like hardware

Cottage-style-kitchen-designs-easy-to-obtain 8 cottage-style kitchen designsImage source: Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

If you don’t want to go over budget, consider off-the-shelf hardware and a spring-inspired latch to add a cottage breeze to your kitchen.

Remember that the hinges and cabinet doors must be from the same time. So choose bin-style handles and pull-outs.

Farmhouse sink

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain12 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Debra Campbell Design

This is their popular name among users, but designers call them apron sinks and can no longer recommend it for kitchens that are house inspired.

Just think about one of them and you will immediately understand what to do: the face should be wide but flat and have a super deep bowl to hold all of your large plates and pots.

You will be immediately reminded of life in the country, only this time the room is neatly lined and there is no fuss on the farm. Many manufacturers sell sinks specifically designed for this purpose, so purchasing an ideal sink shouldn’t be a problem. If you can imagine a place that sells second hand, that’s even better!

Lower the pendant lights

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-to-Obtain 5 Cottage-Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Karr Bick kitchen and bathroom

Once you’ve set up and decorated, you face the hardest part of the task: how to buy the perfect pendant lights that look cottage-like enough to blend in with the picture but still have enough light for you to cook in there.

In fact, that’s a problem that occurs in every style. This time, pick something that you find cozy and impersonal. Avoid spotlights and modern metal solutions and choose simple vintage-style lights, ideally made of frosted glass.

Displayed cookware

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain13 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

Your cottage kitchen will look even more beautiful when some of your cookware is presented in an elegant way. We encourage you to sort the pots, pans, and other larger utensils and hang them on the wall to emphasize that the kitchen is a family vacation, with someone often busy cooking.

When choosing the cookware, choose interesting and useful pieces and make sure your guests see and admire them.

Block counters inspired by the butcher shop

We have already highlighted the importance of natural wood in the cottage kitchen, so we stay in the same train of thought and encourage you to consider butcher block counters that are as rustic as possible.

At the same time, they look warm and inviting, and are also very affordable.


Both storage space and country-style seating can benefit from wickerwork, as natural wickerwork makes the most of the classic look of your kitchen. Consider it for the shelves, spray painted countertops, or any other item that you want to make more attractive.

Furniture solutions for furniture

In the past, when there weren’t any cabinets, there were cake safes, presses, and freestanding cabinets to store kitchen utensils.

Most of the furniture was built in at the time, too, and one can only wonder why such a practical approach lost its advantage over time.

That said, you can still bring style to your cottage kitchen and put bun feet under the cabinets or consoles above, or you can even go so far as to paint the built-in cottages a contrasting color to create the illusion that the cabinet is not on attached to the wall.


Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain14 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Annette English

As counterintuitive as it sounds, cabin kitchens have nothing to do with flowery flounces. So resist the temptation to buy them.

Choose linen or burlap instead, as they are both natural and simple fabrics that will never go out of style.

At the same time, they are very practical as they let in sunlight but still protect your privacy and look cozy enough not to be replaced in the future.

Cute shutters

When it comes to shutters, the cuter they are, the better! The epitome of any cottage kitchen, they do a far more important job than just protecting your privacy – they tell the cottage story without you moving a finger.


Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-to-Obtain 4 Cottage-Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: TreHus Architects + Interior Architects + Builders

Instead of keeping them in the pantry or closet, take out the glasses and turn them into your favorite kitchen accessory. Put them on the shelves and you’ll look like a canner, even if that’s not close to the truth.

Track sales and tag them

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain10 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Polsky Perlstein Architects

Look out for buffet and stall sales for your TLC and tag the ones you like. Sometimes it just takes a fresh coat of paint and a recycled piece of hardware to turn your kitchen into what appears to be an aged cottage.

Flea markets and cheap flea markets are the best place to start and allow you to customize your kitchen for a fraction of the price.

Do you remember China!

What we all want to do in a cottage kitchen is to gather around the warm fireplace, hold a uniquely patterned porcelain cup, and share precious moments.

If that’s your vision too, consider your porcelain solution and choose interesting flowery plates and mugs that you can afford. In fact, you will very likely find this on your trifting expedition and be brave to create your own sets and combinations.

After all, cups are easy to swap out and it won’t break the bank to do so.

Large baseboards

Cottage-Style-Kitchen-Designs-Easy-To-Tain11 Cottage Style Kitchen DesignsImage source: Teddy Edwards

Impressive and oversized skirting boards are impressive and attention-grabbing and clearly convey your idea of ​​a turn-of-the-century kitchen.

They can be the finishing touch to your beautiful floors, especially if you choose wide planks with floor trays to customize the look.


Cottage-style-kitchen-designs-easy-to-obtain 6 cottage-style kitchen designsImage source: JM Interiors

Even if we say it last, green is simply mandatory for every kitchen. Plus, planting your own herb garden makes sense in many ways and gives you the opportunity to do something really unique and personal in your cottage kitchen.