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5 Important Tasks To Do Before You Move In


You have just closed your new home.

Before you rent the moving truck and move your belongings to your new location, you should prepare your home.

Doing these tasks before you move in can make the process easier and more convenient for everyone.

Thorough cleaning

Clean up 5 important tasks that you need to do before you move in

Most home sellers leave home in acceptable shape. While it is unlikely that there will be any major cleaning needs, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean the house before moving in. It’s much harder to clean it thoroughly after you’ve moved in all of the furniture and family members. Scrub the walls and wipe them down the inside of the cabinets and dust every corner of the house.

Thoroughly cleaning your new home can make it feel right at home too. Using your favorite cleaning products and filling the house with candles and air fresheners that will remind you of your home will make you feel settled much faster.


St_-Louis-Parkett 5 important tasks that have to be done before moving in

Home flooring projects are often postponed due to the complexity of the job. Remove one of those complex chores by laying new flooring in an empty house. Once you’ve moved in your furniture and other items, you’ll need to find a place to store them to replace the floors.

Refinishing hardwood floors, replacing carpets, and cleaning the carpet thoroughly is easier when there are no obstacles to movement. You can also take this opportunity to apply a protective coating to the floor.

Interior painting

newpaint 5 Important tasks to be done before moving in

Painting is also easier when the rooms are empty. You can skip covering the furniture completely. It is also a good time to paint if you plan to change the floor of the house.

If you do some painting first, you no longer have to worry about paint spilling on the floor. It’s also easier to keep windows and doors open for better ventilation when you don’t have kids to worry about.

Schedule inspections

The inspections may have already been completed during the mortgage process. However, these inspections often only look at the main parts of the house such as the roof, plumbing and foundation. Scheduling pre-move inspections makes preventive maintenance and repairs easier to complete.

This is a good time for that too Have your air conditioner serviced. If there are any problems with the device, you can fix them before your family moves in. A well-cooled home is a useful amenity when moving house in the hot summer.

Schedule utilities

Some cable and internet providers It can take weeks for the services to be installed. In the meantime, you will no longer be able to watch TV or use the Internet. This can make it difficult to complete work items or keep in touch while moving. It’s important to have that too necessary utilities before moving including electricity, heat and water.

Moving around can be stressful with the long list of things to do. Doing these tasks before moving into your new home can make the experience easier for everyone.