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Tips and ideas around the topic of solid wood beds

Tips and ideas around the topic of solid wood beds

If one thinks of furniture made of solid wood, one first of all comes up with three characteristics: stability, robustness and longevity. So perfect for bed, because after all, such is used every night. If you are looking for a new bed, you can not go wrong with a solid wood bed.

What are solid wood beds?

Solid wood is one natural product which is also called “solid wood”. If beds are referred to as solid wood bed, they must be made entirely of real wood and the same kind of wood. . It states that pieces of furniture may only be called solid wood furniture if all parts have been made of solid wood and not veneered, except for the rear wall and the drawer bottoms.

Advantages of a solid wood bed

A solid wood bed has the advantage of being breathable and storing heat. By absorbing and releasing moisture from the air that contributes bed to regulate the indoor climate at. The intensity of the regulation depends on the processing of the wood surface.

The special feature of solid wood beds is their uniqueness, Depending on the thickness of the treatment of the surface of the beds, the structural effects, adhesions and visible branches of each solid wood bed can make it the absolutely individual gem of the bedroom. Solid wood beds are available in lacquered and natural finish.

Which wood for my bed?

And which wood is best suited as solid wood for my bed? According to experts, hardwoods such as beech, elm, oak and walnut are the most suitable for health and environmental reasons. The reason: coniferous and softwoods can emit terpenes, which can cause irritation in people with allergies.

Finally, a small tip for buying a bed: It is important that you pay attention to what elements are included in the delivery of the bed. Often the offer contains only the bed frame. Mattress and slatted frame you usually have to buy separately.