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Copper pendant lamp

Copper pendant lamp

Pendant lamp looks fantastic and nice on dining tables or other desks. But then they are just as expensive as well. This article will help you create your own copper pendant lamp


– 10 ″ IKEA photo lamp
– 25 ‘copper wire, 2 packages
– (2) 10 ‘1/2’ copper pipe
– Pipe cutter
– Spray paint
– Marker
– Steel wool, class 0000
– Measuring tape

Method for manufacturing copper pendant lamp


This math can be difficult to do yourself, so just follow these measurements. First draw a circle on a cardboard box and divide it using a protractor into 5 sections. It will amount to 72 degrees per section. If you ultimately feel that it is large for your pendant lamp to trim the side down by 7.25 inches or so.


Usually silver, beige, red and green are the usual colors available, if you want another color you can spray a few coats of carpets or glossy spray paint on it.


You need 30 pieces length 7.5 ”, because an icosahedron has 30 equilateral edges. This can be a tedious task, so use a small copper pipe cutter. Mark the tube with a marker at 7.5 inches up to its entire length and cut using copper cutters.