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Home Maintenance: Follow Weekly Cleaning Instructions

Everyone loves the comfort of a clean and tidy home. Living in a well-ventilated, organized and dust-free home gives your home a relaxed and luxurious feel and is also healthy for you, your family and pets. However, keeping the house clean at all times can be a daunting task for many people, especially when you don’t feel like doing chores.

If you are struggling to maintain the level of cleanliness you want in your home, we recommend breaking your cleaning schedule into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Your daily cleaning routine includes simple tasks like washing up, picking up any visible dirt from the floor, and sweeping the floor. On the other hand, a weekly home Cleaning routine is more thorough and it is the secret to a dirt-free home.

Here is a simple guide to your weekly cleaning schedule.

  1. Start with the bedrooms

Your bedroom should be where it all starts. It is advisable that you change your sheets, especially sheets and pillowcases, at least once a week to help you sleep better. Changing your bedding regularly will also reduce your risk of suffering health complications caused by allergies and allergies asthma.

Bedroom-cl Home Maintenance: Follow Weekly Cleaning Instructions

After changing clothes, pick up any items on the floor and place them where they should be. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket and clean clothes on the bed if you can’t put them in the closet right away. This is also the best time to pick up clutter and pile them up for subsequent sorting.

  1. Scrub the toilets and bathrooms

Before cleaning the toilet and bathroom, sanitize your toilet bowl, scrub other dirty areas like the tub and faucets, and let the detergents sit for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing.

Toilet Cleaning Home Maintenance: Follow Weekly Cleaning Instructions

Next, remove any items that don’t belong in the toilet or bathroom and put them where they belong. Then dust the toilet or bathroom wall from top to bottom to remove dust or cobwebs. Scrub the toilet bowl, tub and faucets and rinse them thoroughly. Lastly, sweep and mop the floor.

  1. Clean all of the sinks and mirrors

Wash basins are important hygiene points in the house. You will likely rinse your sink after you use it, but a multi-purpose weekly scrub is important to remove dirt from dirty dishes or toothpaste.

For mirror sinks, first clean the mirror with a glass cleaner and flat-weave microfiber cloth for a lint-free finish, then scrub the sink. When you’re done, change towels and replace them with clean ones.

  1. Organize the living room

The family room is the heart of your home, and keeping it clean at all times is usually a challenge, especially if you have kids around the house.

Clean-Living-Room Home Maintenance: Follow weekly cleaning instructions

When tidying up your living room:

  • First, straighten the sofas and place all the pillows on them.
  • Take the pressure off the floor and surfaces of your living room and bring any objects that invade that space back to where they belong.
  • Rearrange the bookshelf and arrange all the magazines on the table in a nice pile.
  • Dust off all surfaces in the family room. When cleaning the surfaces, be sure to wash artificial flowers as dust will also build up on them.
  • Pick up the trash from the floor and throw it in the trash can.
  1. Finish with the floors

Now that all of the rooms and surfaces in the house are clean, you can complete your weekly cleaning schedule by cleaning the floors. You probably sweep your house every day, but you need to pay special attention to the floor at least once a week to prevent dust and dirt from building up on these surfaces. For your floor cleaning expedition, you’ll need a mop, detergent, and one vacuum cleaner Pick up dust from carpets and upholstery.

When vacuuming the floor, run across the same area multiple times from multiple directions to make sure you’re pulling up any debris and debris. Leaving shoes in the house is likely to have more dirt and debris to deal with than if people take their shoes off before coming inside.

After you’ve vacuumed all of the surfaces including the stairs, mop the floors and start at the farthest point from the entrance and work your way back to the door. For cleaner, shinier floors, you can use warm water, soap, and a little vinegar when mopping.

  1. Set vacuum

Make sure your pocket / compartment is not full yet and empty if necessary. Use the correct settings and attachments. Hit the floors throughout the house and upholstered furniture. You will be amazed at all the missing items (socks, your favorite pencil) that you can find under your sofa cushions, not to mention leftover snacks!


Although this weekly cleaning routine may seem a bit difficult and time consuming at first, the more you think about it, it gets easier over time.

For example, if you tidy your house regularly and always make sure everything is in its right place every day, you will have less clutter to deal with during your weekly cleaning.

Also, if you live with older children, you can ask them to help with the daily cleaning and organization of their bedroom or bathroom and you won’t have to do a light cleaning until the end of the week.