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Nordika lamp design

Nordika lamp design

Today again some bright room ideas for you. We recently discovered the brand Nordika and looked at the new lamp collection. We must really confess that the designers of Nordika, with their seemingly simple and inconspicuous lamp creations at first sight, set beautiful accents in the house or apartment at second glance, to really like us.

The current collection is titled “Favorite Lamps” therefore and consists of a variety of different feet and lampshades, which can be combined with each other. The design of these beautiful lamps comes (as the name suggests) from the Nordic / Scandinavian area and goes from antique to romantic.

The small table lamps give correctly placed almost every room a comfortable feeling and a bright highlight for the rest of the decor, but it’s best that you let the design itself affect you. We have put together some sample images for you, which show the effect quite nicely.

The company Nordika is based in Northern Germany, more precisely in Hude near Bremen. The designs and creation are mostly inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian style. The production takes place exclusively in Europe, which of course represents a plus in quality. So who wants to put in his home a few bright accents, which is probably well advised with Nordika.