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Decorate your study in style

Decorate your study in style

The space in which you study frequently affects whether you learn effectively and efficiently. A space that motivates you to study should be one where you can easily concentrate. This does not mean that it should be completely calm, but that it should be relaxing and suit your style and personality.

Where you study should reflect how you study, so give it a try Decorate your study depending on how you learn. Setting up a room to your taste and decorating it with the help of decorating ideas for the study creates a relaxed atmosphere in which you can be very productive.

Who you are and what you prefer

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Whenever I wonder how to decorate my study, I always start by making a list of the things I like. You need to ask yourself questions to get the best results.

How do you feel about different types of distractions? Do you prefer to take short breaks during work or do you want to sit quietly for longer?

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Analyze yourself and how you react to certain atmospheres in order to know yourself and what you prefer best. Take comfort, for example; Finding a chair and desk that are comfortable, but not too comfortable, is critical to a productive study time – you don’t want to fall asleep or let your mind wander.

You also need to give yourself enough work space so that you don’t feel cramped in your work.

  • The top of your desk or table should be at a height that is between your waist and your chest when you sit. This allows your elbows to ideally rest on the table or desk. You shouldn’t have to bend your shoulders forward or your feet shouldn’t have to touch the floor at a reasonable height.
  • The chair you choose should be comfortable, interesting, and match the height of the desk or table you choose. You can easily be distracted by a chair that turns, rolls, or lifts. So choosing a simple design for your chair will help you in the long run.

If you need to use a computer while working, you need to keep a distance between you and the computer that is approximately one and a half to two and a half feet.

A personalized cork board

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You can get cork to make your own Cork board or cork wall like today you can easily find and buy cork in rolls or tiles.

Attaching the cork to the wall is easy and straightforward – just use glue. Not only is cork appealing, it also mutes the sound – that’s why it’s also useful in making music rooms.

Adequate lighting

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Lighting is critical to getting the right results – a dark room can make you sleepy and exacerbate eye strain that can ruin the entire atmosphere.

However, you don’t have to go in the opposite direction – strong lights like fluorescent lights can also damage your eyes. Another thing about lighting is that you should focus it – you can use a desk lamp to focus the light on your desk, or you can use overhead lights to illuminate the entire area.

Natural light is good during the day but can sometimes become a distraction. So it is a good idea to put up curtains or blinds.

Gather the materials

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You should keep all of your supplies close by so that you can easily find them when you need them. It’s all about organizing. School supplies (such as pencils, paper, erasers, etc.) should have their own place, be it in the drawer or on the desk.

Aside from the supplies, a dictionary and calculator can come in handy, although you won’t need them with today’s phones. Your phone can be used for many purposes, but the risk of using it is being distracted by something else.

To organize!

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The desk drawers in your room aren’t free – putting your items there is the best way to clear your desktop. If you don’t have enough, or if they are not enough, you can always choose another alternative: boxes, boxes, etc.

You can take this decorative boxes and boxes and stack them on the desktop. That way, you can better organize your things and study materials. Marking your boxes or crates will help you find the place of everything better.

Use the space only for studying

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If your work area is your bed, you will be more tempted to think about (or actually) sleep. Here you play computer games and games. the dining table, food; and so on.

You are more likely to create distracting associations. If you can create a space – even a corner, alcove, large closet, etc. – devoted entirely to studying, do it. Only combine your presence there with your studies.

If that’s not an option, do what you can to convert the multipurpose room into a study space. Remove food, dishes, centerpieces, etc. from the dining table. Put away your computer games, scrapbooking items, etc.

Easily distracted?

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If you have the general problem of getting easily distracted, make the room cleaner and tidier.

Choose a minimalist design – this can be achieved with a sleek glass table that expands the space and keeps only the most important elements on it. You can add an interesting, attention-grabbing chair to the mix – add a touch of your own personal style to your room.

Experiment with colors

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Colors encourage creativity. That is why they are widely used and experimented with for decorating children’s study spaces. It can apply to everyone, not just children.

Use all kinds of colors for your study – you can try brightly coloring your desk and chair and pairing them with eye-catching wallpaper. A mix of vibrant colors keeps the brain going!

An adventurer

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Do you itch with an explorer? By giving your walls a gray color, you can create a space that is suitable for adventurers. Quit wanting shiny silver and the room will flourish with style and personality.

This setting works well on dark wooden floors and a metal table. Along with your possessions and decorations, the room will have an interesting theme.

Motivation and decoration

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Adding lots of personalized items like signs, photos and posters will give your room the personality it needs. But is that a good move? You should check if the things you put in your room really motivate you in the long run.

You should let your walls motivate you – choose a picture of something you want to accomplish, or maybe a picture of your family.

For some, the motivation may be to look at failed exams and poor results as this gives them the will to improve. Some people need a push as opposed to those who need a pull – find out who you are.

Do not exaggerate

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The goal of a study room is to improve your study performance. If you pay too much attention to beautifying the place instead of studying yourself, you may be doing yourself the opposite of a favor.

Don’t spend your study time creating a space where there are no distractions as this space can end up being the distraction.

A few Tipps:

  • Your room should be well ventilated.
  • Let some natural light through your window during the day.
  • Light pastel colors for the walls create a calming and homely atmosphere.
  • Full spectrum lighting or just a reading lamp can be just enough for the night.
  • Keep your study table tidy by only keeping textbooks, exercise books, notebooks, dictionaries, and other static items on it. Don’t leave room for clutter.
  • Brain performance is at its highest when the temperature is 19 degrees Celsius.
  • Freshen up the area with a few plants. You can’t miss with green.
  • It’s nice to have your goals and motivational charts on your walls. You can also add schedules, calendars, exam dates, etc.

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