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Backyard deck lighting ideas

Backyard deck lighting ideas

A deck can be a great addition to any home. In summer you can enjoy the warm sunlight while relaxing and observing nature without leaving your home.

Decks serve as a place to have fun with friends and family, or just take in the scenery over lunch. Since decks are such an important purpose for the home, it is important to make sure that your deck is properly lit.

Lighting a deck isn’t as easy as putting up a lamp. You need to decide where lighting is needed and when to use it.

Each deck type is special and has its own needs. For example, the lighting on the pool deck will be different from the lighting for outdoor cooking areas or relaxation areas.

Even the fanciest decks can be unattractive in poor lighting. However, properly lit decks can add to the mood of an event and add to the attractiveness of your home.

There are many ways to light a deck. Personal preferences and intentions are the key factor. However, if you are unsure of the best way to go about it, here are some ideas for outdoor deck lighting.

Star ground

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If you think your deck is lacking design and lighting, improve both of them by adding illuminated stars to the floor. They don’t use electricity, so you don’t have to worry about increased bills or complications when it rains.

A star floor also helps capture the mood of an evening gathering by providing just enough light at night to see well without feeling like it is still daytime.

Dinner lighting

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Dinner is more romantic on a deck than indoors, which is why it might be a great place to dine on a date. Low light around the deck is a safer, more stable alternative to outdoor candles or fireplaces.

These ads are synced to your smartphone or other smart device. This way you can control how much or how little light you want with just a swipe of your finger. Create the perfect dining ambience with ease!

Seat wall lights

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Sometimes there aren’t many good ways to light up your deck. Don’t forget the seat wall when you feel like you run out of ideas for deck lighting! Often times, this is the only way to properly light a deck, but it can also be one of the best.

There may be a few or many lights depending on the height and length of the seat wall. In general, it is recommended that the fixings be spaced approximately every 7 feet.

This allows for evenly distributed lighting that is not too intense, but is still enough to brighten the deck. The smaller spaces of your deck can still be lit while the seat wall hides the light bulb.

Overall, a wall seat is an excellent addition to a deck, providing cheaper, more convenient lighting that doesn’t disrupt the design of the deck. Seating walls can also be helpful if you need pool deck lighting.

LED and solar lights

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LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, so you can save electricity costs while protecting the environment. What makes LED lights an even more enticing option is that they come in many different colors.

You can match any color to the mood of the event you’re using your deck for, or just match the color scheme of the rest of the house.

You can also use LED lights for specific areas to add just a touch of color here and there to highlight parts of your deck or to liven up the deck.

Solar lights use energy directly from the sun that is stored in a solar cell. Because of this, solar lights are even more environmentally friendly than LED lights and possibly the most cost-effective option for lighting your deck.

Unlike a lamp, solar lights can be installed in multiple places. They can also come in a variety of designs to blend in perfectly with the design of your home and deck.

Cover rails

Not every deck has a rail, but if you’re looking for a subtle way to light up your deck, consider installing one.

Using the handrail keeps the lights out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them being distracting or cables tripping over them. Lighting the rails also helps guide a path along the deck, which can be especially useful at night.


Bright-Your-Backyard-With-These-Deck-Lighting-Ideas4 Backyard Deck Lighting IdeasImage source: Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design

One way to ruin an event is for someone to be injured after tripping on the steps because they cannot see them properly at night.

This is an unfortunate and potentially fatal accident that can easily be avoided by installing lights on, under, or near the stairs.

Not only can stair lights help avoid a lawsuit or a trip to the hospital, but they can also add to the elegance of the deck.

Stairs provide an easy place to hide lights so your guests can focus more on the beauty of the deck and less on the lights themselves.

To really show off, place motion-sensitive lights near the steps. These lights only come on when someone approaches or is on the stairs. This will help prevent accidents, save energy and make the deck more fascinating.


Tiki torches

These goofy sticks can be a light-hearted way to brighten up your deck. Children especially enjoy them. You can place these chopsticks anywhere in the dirt or sand, even if they’re potted.

You can also tie them to the railing of your deck or hang them in mid-air with a secure rope. However, be careful not to use these at events where guests may be overly active.

It can be dangerous if a torch is accidentally thrown on your deck!


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These are not quite as common, but they are great for parties or last night celebrations, which are done in more darkness than light.

Fire bowls can range from small to large. Depending on the size, you can use many small bowls or some larger bowls for your needs.

These bowls are great for warming up guests on a cold night or for frying marshmallows in your own yard.


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Candles are the classic way to light up the dark. For an event, you can slide these candles into hanging lanterns that are arranged around your deck.

They can be hung in the air or simply placed on a smooth surface. To keep insects away, you can buy insect repellent candles or certain scented candles that will disinterest insects.

These candles keep your deck lit while protecting pests.

Patio garden lights

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Adding adjustable lights to the garden columns can be a good idea. Changing the intensity of the light can make the deck and garden more natural and peaceful.

Recessed lights

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This can be a fun way to light up your deck. You can change the geometric appearance and background of an object to your liking. You can use this to make an area appear larger or smaller depending on where you are aiming the light.

LED glasses

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With these LED goggles, you can light up your deck without worrying about installing hidden lights or trying to move lights out of the way.

The energy-efficient LED lights are in glasses that are designed for safety. These glasses are portable so you can add lighting where you need it most.

Integrated lighting

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Often times, an entire deck doesn’t need the same amount of lighting, and lighting areas that don’t need it can be wasteful.

The built-in lighting allows you to place the lights where you need them most – usually in the center of the deck and railing.

If you are interested in these lights be sure to order them before you receive a deck. These lights need to be installed during the construction of your deck.

If you already have a deck or want a similar effect with the built-in lighting, try fairy lights or fairy lights hidden under your railing.

Low voltage ideas

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Lighting a deck can use a lot of energy, which is why you may want to invest in lighting techniques that might not be as bright but still get the job done.

One option is portable lamps. These are commonly used as garden furniture. The lamps inside use low voltage and are not exposed, which saves energy and limits safety risks.

Another option is to use LED headlights. These many are energy efficient, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide immense lighting. Just a few will fill your deck with light!


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There are many ways to light a deck. Find out what your specific needs are, then choose the right lighting techniques for you. And don’t be afraid to combine techniques or develop your own!