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How to decorate your home with floor lamps

How to decorate your home with floor lamps

To get the right atmosphere in your house, you should use combat accessories and lighting fixtures. Light is important for the design to be colorful and bright. In addition, light is very important for our health. With enough light, we are positive and productive. Otherwise we do not feel the energy to work. So let’s make our homes cozy and bright. How can we do that? Let’s use the lighting correctly. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your flooring design.

Combine different luminaires

The first rule with a great design is to mix different light sources. Each lamp has its own shape and size. But together they make the room more spacious. Create a brighter space with floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers. You do not have to use them all at once. Turn on the lights when you need them.

Use the right sizes

Compact floor lamps can be a nice complement to the warm and cozy interior. Put such a lamp near the sofa. Enjoy the cozy light while reading the book or chatting with your friends. In addition, this lamp can be a great space divider. Together with an armchair or a coffee table, the lamp can create your relaxation area.

Mix colors

Put a high floor lamp near the bed. It can have the same color scheme as the whole room. However, it can also serve as an interesting color accent. Combine different colors and styles. Enjoy the combination of bright floor lamps and bedside lamps.

Think of styles

It is great if the floor lamp will create a nice lighting scheme with other lamps. You do not have to buy lamps that look the same. Choosing lamps that have similar patterns is the best idea. Let them congratulate each other. All lamps have different functions. Desk lamps make reading easier and more cozy. Floor lamps will give the room a certain atmosphere of coziness, comfort and tranquility. But together they can create a great look.

In addition, many designers suggest combining lamps with different patterns is a smart idea. They believe that the room, despite various features, will look right. They may be right. Try mixing styles, combining different elements. Find the look you like most of all. Make sure that floor lamps are used. The atmosphere they create is pleasant and appealing.