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Healthier LED lamp

Healthier LED lamp

Touch lamps are often used as table, desk and bed lamps for mood lighting and vanity products as make-up mirror lighting. There has been a strong demand for aftermarket product replacing standard table lamps.

Touch lights usually come with LED lights. These come in different shapes and patterns and are super attractive to add to your home decorations. But it is wise to have a healthier LED instead of someone else. Looking at the bulb’s CRI helps you to know the health of light. Wardrobe you ever come to a natural light with an LED is the one that has an R9 CRI of about 97. Color temperature is another factor to look at when buying. It should match natural light as much as possible.

In simple terms, this means light temperature measured in degrees Kelvin (K). This can be applied to halogens, sunlight, candles and light bulbs. The maximum temperature of the light bulb is 3000 k and if the temperature goes higher, the filament melts.

The appearance of light to the human eye is known by this temperature. It is comparative measurement in other words. Color temperature for light in Touch light bulbs of 2700 K means that it is similar to the color temperature for natural light which has a physical temperature of 2700 K.


It does not have the same quality as the natural but the same look is the biggest problem with these lamps. At the mobile level, it is known that light is not similar. Despite their obvious, visible heat, the majority of light is still cold, bluish white on the retina.

The color temperature of really strong lamps is up to 6500 K while the color temperature of light bulbs is 2700 K. if it is the better it is the closer to the light bulb. Finally, an inevitable component no matter what the digital component.