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Add excitement to your charming planters by using vegetables

Add excitement to your charming planters by using vegetables

This post is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market. I appreciate the opportunity to share recipes made with ingredients from brands I trust and support. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Sprouts Farmers Market. #sponsored

Easter is fast approaching and this beautiful spring flower is just what you need to brighten up your home. Who knew you could make such an impressive DIY bouquet with a cabbage? I’ve seen cabbage in flower arrangements before and am happy to pass on the news that this is easy to do at home.

Shopping at Sprouts makes it easy to find accessories for Easter decorations. I added a cabbage and fresh flowers to my shopping list and love how this project turned out.

Here’s a peak at the inspiration I found in the store. Easter jelly beans in purple, pink and green jumped out at me (and came home with me too!). The colors mirrored those I found in this fresh flower bouquet at Sprouts. You never know when inspiration will strike – check out different varieties of Easter candy to get your ideas started.

pink, green and purple jellybeans close-up

1 cabbage: Use a red cabbage (also called purple cabbage) or a kale depending on the colors of your flowers. This is entirely up to you. I loved how a red cabbage complemented the pink and purple hues of my diverse flower bouquet. Playing with colors is what makes this homemade arrangement so much fun!
1 mason jar: An 8 oz mason jar is the suggested size for this project. It should fit in the cavity you cut in the cabbage without any major problems.
Water: It might go without saying, but as a gentle reminder, make sure you fill your mason jar with water and refill it every few days to keep your flowers happy.
Fresh flowers: I bought a Wonderlust bouquet of flowers from Sprouts Farmers Market because I LOVED the purples, greens, and whites in the assortment. There are plenty of options for a spring floral arrangement. Consider tulips, alstroemeria or even a houseplant. Succulents would last longer and also be an excellent choice.
Optional: 1 bunch dill, parsley or kale – I like to use natural ingredients to fill out my DIY arrangement of greenery.
Optional: any additional decoration such as a ribbon or Easter decorations. I had some adorable Easter eggs sitting on long strings. They made the perfect addition to my Easter arrangement. You can also use colored Easter egg shells or other decoration.
Let’s take a closer look at the simple steps to make this cabbage flower bouquet. You can do this in ten minutes!
Check that your cabbage is lying flat on a surface. If not, shave some off until it does.
Draw around a mason jar to mark how much space you need for the mason jar.
Use a knife to carefully start cutting into the cabbage.
Take out a few layers at a time.
You may find that a spoon helps just as much as a knife.
Place your mason jar inside the cabbage. It’s okay if some stick out from the top. You can cover that space with the flower arrangement. If you’d rather not see the glass, keep cutting into the cabbage until the space is large enough.
Cut your flowers and arrange in the mason jar. I like to add each type of flower separately so I can balance the colors around the arrangement.

Fill with greenery, leaving some hanging over the sides to create movement in your display.

Be sure to add water to the jar and refill it every few days.

Add additional embellishments such as Easter decorations or a ribbon. Make this DIY center your own with special touches you already have at home.

You can also dye some Easter eggs and place them in the arrangement. Did you know you can dye Easter eggs naturally with red cabbage? Your cabbage can double your Easter preparations!