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King size mattress set

King size mattress set

For more than just a simple night’s rest we can look here. If ‘’normal’’ just won’t cut it, the King sized mattress is your access to heaven of choice. For as much as $1000 you could find yourself the proud owner of a 76’’ by 80’’ slice of heaven. It is ideal for couples and also a great meeting place for the family in the mornings including the pets.

The ‘California King Bed’ (not the Rihanna single) is ideal for taller people as it measures an additional 4’’ that’s 76’’ by 84’’. It is the most recommended mattress for two adults as there is more space to sleep in. This includes physiological space. While the bed provides more than enough room for 2 adults if the physical size of the adults was measured we also have to consider a individuals safe space.

This is the area around the person 1-2 metres depending on the individual. Why it is important to have this space is that even in bed there are times when a person will like to be by themselves even when they are together.

Couples have often remarked that owning a king size mattress saved their marriage. It allows both persons to be in each other’s arms when they want to be apart while being within safe reach.
The alternative would be staying in separate rooms when there’s a fight and sometimes that might end up with moving to separate houses (divorce or separation) so all hail the king sized mattress: saviour of marriages.