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buy foldable mattress online

buy foldable mattress online

These handy mattresses are like a Swiss knife serving different functions. On one hand they can be used as a choir and also stretched out to provide the mattress for a nap. Popular with students and bachelor pads, they come in a range of sizes and makes.

Some of the brands out there include the LUCID 4 these reasonably priced (budget) mattresses will suit a student budget or a folding mattress newbie. If you are looking to try out a folding mattress and do not want to break the bank (just in case this sleeping style is not for you) then the LUCID 4 is the way to go.

A company called shikibuton make a 3 way folding mattress. This is more compact then the regular 2 way folding mattress and just as comfortable. However the additional fold might be one too many for some.

There are a range of emotions expressed by those who have used foldable mattresses. Some have called them ‘’convenient’’ and others ‘’adequate’’. There are also some who do not enjoy the use of these mattresses and have called them tacky.

Whatever your taste there should be a mattress to suit your budget. A foldable mattress would set you back anywhere between $55 from a budget deal to $159 for a deluxe model.