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Minimalist lamp system – minimalist but effective

Minimalist lamp system – minimalist but effective

Hardly any lighting form can be designed individually and is more flexible than lamp rail systems. Whether in apartments with a rather difficult cut and rooms that are quite winding, or even in rooms with a particularly low ceiling.

Likewise, lamps provide rail systems when there are too few power connections in a room of the apartment. With their help you combine your different types of lighting just as you need them.

Illuminate the dining area atmospherically

So you can, for example , attach in his dining room above the dining table chic pendant lights that illuminate the dining area pleasant and provide a pleasant atmosphere for a leisurely meal in the circle of loved ones.

Create different areas

If you have a large living room where you also use a small area as a home office, you can install stronger halogen spotlights here. In this way, the slightly separate working area is optimally supplied with light, while over the cozy sofa corner for a insulated way of lighting is provided.

Create visual highlights

Similarly, with the help of lamp rail systems, one can also provide visual accents by light in its own four walls. Particularly chic furniture or high-quality pictures on the walls can be skilfully staged with small spot beams.

Lamps Rail systems also have the great advantage that you can combine them as needed or expand individually. In addition, the different types of lamp can be moved with only a few simple steps, if it comes to new lighting concepts in the room.

Two types of tension

Lamps rail systems work with two types of voltage. On the one hand, one has the choice between so-called low-voltage rail systems. These are operated with a transformer that converts the mains voltage into a 12 volt safety extra-low voltage.

On the other hand, there are also high-voltage rail systems, which are connected directly to the electricity and thus enable very long rail lengths. With this type you can choose between a 1-phase busbar or a 3-phase busbar model.

In the latter, several circuits can be switched so that one can use his lamps as needed. Lampen1a shows how it works , this online lighting shop offers here a practical planning aid for 3-phase tracks.

cable systems

In addition to lamp systems, rail systems also include so-called cable systems, which offer functional lighting concepts with a modern flair, especially on sloping ceilings or in very winding rooms. Again, a complete living area can be optimally lit with only one power connection with the help of just one installation. The individual lamps are individually placed on the cable system depending on the style of furnishing and the desired light intensity.