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Iron chandelier  antique and rustic look

Iron chandelier antique and rustic look

Wrought iron chandeliers are a lighting fixture that can highlight any room such as the dining room, living room, bedroom or hallway. They give an antique elegance with light bulbs and hand-painted surfaces. Wrought iron chandeliers are available in silver, white, black or any other color for indoors or outdoors. Iron chandeliers are a mixture of old charm with modern looks and technology and give your home a unique, elegant yet traditional look.

Chandeliers and pendants in wrought iron

Decorate your home with stunning wrought iron chandeliers or hanging lamps. These chandeliers are often trimmed with elegant Empress Crystals. Actually in such chandeliers the frames are made of wrought iron and have a candle mounted in the middle and draped with crystal in such a way as to capture and reflect the light from the candle lamp. Some iron chandeliers are equipped with hand-cut crystals that are polished on a wooden wheel after they have been cut. This makes each piece original and unique. Iron chandeliers have an orb-style construction with an antique copper finish and a lighting capacity of any number of light bulbs. Iron chandeliers are often covered with light bulbs. The Tiffany collection contains a chandelier in iron with suspended cups of stained glass that is aesthetically very appealing. Some chandeliers are inspired by Spanish design with hand-forged detailed metal rolls. Sometimes the iron surface is weathered to give a refined look

The right place to hang iron chandeliers

If you want to change or update the lighting arrangement in your home, iron crowns are a good option if you like an antique or traditional look in your home. These lighting fixtures can be installed in the living room or dining room. A black chandelier makes a style statement in any home, whether it is in the entrance or in the dining room. This iron chandelier has eight lamps and can be used with or without the champagne-colored shades in the living room or a large bedroom and creates a rustic yet elegant look.

Install charismatic wrought iron chandeliers to give your living room or bedroom a distinctive style. Being the point of contact in the room is sure to get many compliments. These are durable luminaires designed with drip crystals that come with adjustable chains that can be adjusted to the height of the room.