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double beds

double beds

A bed for couples is often referred to as a double bed, even if the two people sleeping in it are not necessarily married to each other. In order for everyone to have enough freedom of movement, the width of the bed should be at least 160 cm. range of matrimonial bedding includes many types of bedding made from a variety of materials, as well as box spring and upholstered beds, so you can customize your bedroom to your taste.

Cozy sleeping quarters for couples: Double beds

Since it was hardly common in the past for men and women to share a bed when they were not married, double beds were mainly referred to as marriage beds. In terms of bed width, the matrimonial beds start at 160 cm, with most couples treating themselves to a double bed of 180 cm or 200 cm if the space in the bedroom is sufficient.

Enough space for two people

Double beds are available in the online shops in every bed type. comprehensive range of high-quality double beds also offers you models made from the best solid wood, as well as attractive upholstered bed solutions or even modern box spring bed variants with extra comfort. In addition,  also takes into account the different living and furnishing styles. Beds in country style are therefore represented as well as beds in the classic or modern style.

Discover perfect bed for the common bedroom

Starting from the standard widths for single beds moving between 80 cm and 100 cm, widths of 160 cm to 200 cm have been established for marriage beds, as already mentioned above. Of course, you can also sleep in a 140 cm wide bed, which is probably permanently only for very young or newly in love couples an ideal solution. When it comes to everyday life and restful sleep, there is a clear need for broader marriages where each partner has enough space to sleep in his or her preferred location.