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Handbook for buying brass lamps

Handbook for buying brass lamps

Buying brass lamps requires some form of knowledge and idea in advance so that the purchased lamps consist of solid brass and are not brass plated. Some of the lamps made of brass are very expensive to buy and the price should be the first thing that comes to mind. It is also very important to have knowledge and understand the difference between solid brass and brass plating. A lamp consisting of brass is either created from a pure piece of brass or made from a sheet of brass. Another important thing to keep in mind when buying brass lamps is the design of the lamps. Nowadays, there is a wide range of lamp designs from ancient to contemporary that give individuals a greater choice to choose the best.

BENEFITS OF Solid Brass Lamps

Brass lamps that consist of pure brass are called solid brass lamps. However, there are advantages to having solid brass lamps instead of plated ones because the plated lamps cannot be polished without removing the protective layer. On the other hand, solid brass lamps can be polished at any time to give a shine and a wonderful look. Second, solid brass lamps are durable and can retain their original beauty for generations.

HOW DO YOU SAY THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Solid Brass Lamps and Brass Plates?

Brass-plated lamps actually consist of steel, iron or zinc and have a thin brass coating that is sprayed on the lamp. This coating is also called a protective layer. The easiest way to determine if the lamp is made of pure brass or is brass plated is to use a magnet. A magnet always attaches to the object which consists of metal. Obviously, solid brass is not magnetic so the magnet will not stick to the pure brass lamps. Another way to differentiate is to scrape the lights. If the scraper is yellow, it is probably a solid and clean brass. A lamp made of any metal such as zinc and steel will always give a silvery scratch.


Taking care of brass lamps is extremely important as these lamps are antique. Sometimes it is also necessary to replace the wires. A brass lamp can look dull and dirty, by polishing and cleaning it you can maintain it for long-term use.