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Ideas of small hall spaces decorating

Ideas of small hall spaces decorating

The furnishing of the hallway causes many people a headache. Often those rooms are tiny, badly cut and dark. Nevertheless, we must get the best out of our hallways, after all, we receive our guests there. How you can make your hallway representative, you will learn from us.

How to create storage space
The hall should not only be inviting, but must also fulfill practical purposes. Usually there jackets, shoes and all the odds and ends are stored, so it is necessary to create enough storage space. You are lucky if the walls are not constantly interrupted by doors. Then there is room for a cloakroom in which you can store most of the things mentioned behind closed doors. In the hallway, care should be taken that there is not much standing around, because this makes small rooms look messy quickly. It’s best to choose a low-depth model – so your new wardrobe will not look too bulky and will not take up too much space.

The right lighting
It is optimal when the wardrobe is not only slim, but also high. In the upper compartments then in the summer thick clothes or shoeboxes with winter boots can be kept. In winter, however, there is room for summer wear. We have found suitable variants for you: click here for wardrobes at Vladon. In general, you should cleverly use the space under the ceiling. Install 30 to 50 centimeters (depending on room height) under the ceiling shelves. Here, too, you can store shoe boxes, which is extremely practical, especially for women’s households.

At this point, however, your work is far from finished. Now you have to make sure that the hallway is well lit. After all, hardly any daylight enters into the mostly windowless rooms, which is why they often appear dark and uninviting. Optimal are light sources that seem bright, but do not spread cool light. Finally, you can support the effect of the light by choosing a light wall color. White makes the room appear brighter by itself, while warm tones such as beige or sunny yellow reflect the rays of light, allowing the sun to rise in your hallway. By the way, those colors make the hall not only brighter, but also bigger. So let’s get your hands on color experiments like dark purple or bordeaux red. If you really do not want to give up such a splash of color, you should instead rely on home accessories or home textiles. How about a fluffy runner in the entrance area?