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touch-sensitive lamps

touch-sensitive lamps

From many years, switches that must be pushed or turned to break and make mechanical connections do not choose switches that are sensitive to human touch. The main advantage of these touch-sensitive lamps or switches is that they are not rubberized or damaged by touch that provides moisture and dirt to the switch. For a period of time, various human body properties have been used to turn touch-sensitive lamps.


The human body conducts electricity well because it mostly consists of water. Fingers can form a good circuit by placing the two (button / lamp and finger) contacts close to each other by touching it.

Temperature sensor

Compared to the surrounding air human body I warmer. Many places use this temperature difference to perform their functions such as elevators or lamps. The lamps on patios also feel the beauty of the human body and work in a similar way.

Radio receptivity

The human body can receive good radio waves. This can be understood from the times that when you touch an antenna, the reception on TV or radio is better. Any touch sensitive lamp, use of radioactive wave reception technology to make changes.

Capacitance, it is the fourth feature used by touch sensitive lamps. Capacitance is similar to capacity. It can be said in simple terms like anyone holding electrons. Some capacitance is present in the lamp when it is placed on the table. When these are touched by you, a circuit is created to charge the lamp with electrons. It will need a certain amount of electrons to fill it. Your body increases the capacity of the lamp. The circuits detect the difference in electrons between the human body and the lamp. This causes the function to turn on and off. Now with the latest, you can even convert your regular lamp into a touch-sensitive lamp by simply adding a plug-in box. This also works on the same principle. Three levels of brightness are mainly provided by many touch-sensitive lamps, even if they do not use three-way lamps.