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Children bunk beds

Children bunk beds

The themed and discreetly designed children’s high beds made of different materials offer many advantages: Below the sleeping area, you can use the space otherwise required for a standard bed, for example a desk or a chest of drawers. In addition, a child’s high bed will stimulate your child’s imagination and stimulate creativity as the bed quickly becomes a royal castle or a pirate cave.

Beds for children that save space and offer added value: Children bunk beds

In the Children bunk beds are the mattress or the sleeping area for the child in a significantly elevated position. The way to bed leads in the bunk beds usually via a ladder, which is fixed at a more or less steep angle to the bed construction. With a loft bed for children, the usable space in the nursery is significantly increased, because the sleeping area is moved to a higher level and the underlying space can be used for other functional areas. Below the lying surface, for example, a cave-like play area can be found in the high-bed, which is very popular especially for smaller children. In addition, children’s high beds are available, where below the mattress seating or a workplace with a desk are housed. A special form of the children’s high bed is the bunk bed, in which two beds are available with minimum space requirement.

Safety comes first

For children high and bunk beds are fascinating and therefore much sought after as pieces of furniture for your own room. For the parents, the decision to build a high-pitched bed for children is accompanied by the decision to buy a very space-saving bed that often takes on many other functions in the nursery. This is especially important if the nursery is rather short or if two children share a room.

Very popular with children are also bunk beds, which are equipped with a slide and bring the playground directly into the nursery. Regardless of the weather, the child can give in to his natural urge to move and let off steam.

Children’s high beds, which have a desk under the mattress, are ideal for older children and teenagers. These bed models provide in a confined space a full-fledged job for homework or even to practice creative hobbies and a full bed above.