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Open floor plan ideas for contemporary home

Open floor plan ideas for contemporary home

An open floor plan home is an interesting and unusual concept because it lives in one or more open spaces that act as multiple rooms in one large living space. The most common form of this is a “large room” in which the kitchen, living room and dining room are in one room.

If you have a small house, you can use these types of floor plans to visually expand that area. It also works well for large households as it gives traffic additional freedom and feels fresher and tidier.

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house3 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Michael Abrams Limited

Open floor plans that have been spreading into homes since the late 1980s have proven practical, and the trend continues to this day. Experts at Young management suggest that this trend has, and continues to add, the value of many homes, especially among the younger population. Of course, like anything else, it has two sides; Not everyone can easily adjust to this lifestyle because it is very different and specific.

Realizing the disadvantages and advantages of an open floor plan takes time and analysis and can be easily done by making the decisions that are most appropriate for you.

The good sides

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house4 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Artistic Designs for Life, Tineke Triggs

For the types who want a satisfactory view of a wide and open space, an open floor plan is the ideal setting as it adds to the aesthetic and gives a warmer feel due to the shared space. It improves communication and brings families closer together. There are numerous advantages to consider when considering an open floor plan.

Ideal for multitasking

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This setting is great for parents of young children because they can watch them play. This is a great way to keep track of them. Open floor plans for homes are a great way to get to work, cook, and get things done while they’re around as they are a great multitasking opportunity.

The family

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house5 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Dowalt Custom Homes Inc.

Do you want a good time with the family? This is just the way to reduce the isolation that can occur when walls separate family members.

What to do with small houses

Extra space is just one of the many advantages of an open floor plan: you can enlarge the rooms and create a fresher living space. When the walls are removed and the rooms connected, the environment changes drastically and becomes more pleasant and comfortable.

Best for entertainment

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If you’re the type of generally hosting fun dinners or evenings, this might be the best way to go – you can accommodate a lot more people by having larger living spaces. The traffic and the airiness of the room are preserved and enable a more communicative atmosphere.

Decorating becomes easy

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house 7 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Andrea Swan – swan architecture

Open Floor Plan Ideas have tons of decorating hints that are easy to apply as a room isn’t difficult to decorate at all. Integrate a recurring theme into your entire home instead of having to design every single room individually.

You can choose a color palette and customize furniture, floors, curtains, and decor to match that style. It is a simple and effective way to enlarge and connect your home in a unique style.

Natural light

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house8 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Godden Sudik Architects Inc.

Let the light flow through the room by making the space more open. If you have a large and bright room, you don’t need windows. When light comes in from many directions, the freshness increases and a feeling of free flow is created. In this way, lighting is no longer a problem, both financially and aesthetically.

Spend less

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house2 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Keesee Associates

It costs significantly less to build and decorate an open floor home. You no longer have to worry about spending money on doors, walls, paint and fittings.

Save time and money by using as few elements as possible as this also gives an open and spacious feel.

A popular design is easier to resell

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house 9 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: UNGER & MAHNS ARCHITEKTEN

Following trends like these is a priority for most homeowners who want to keep up with the times and make their home as stylish as possible.

Making the decisions that are best for a fashionable environment is not difficult at all, as many TV shows and the media in general always give pointers and know exactly what to sell to people looking for good and modern home improvement. and search for real estate.

There are also slight downsides

The pros and cons of open floor plans are really important. While there are myriad benefits to using this design, there are also many challenges to be considered.

Think twice before buying or building an open floor plan as some things may not work as well as you think they will.

Data protection can be a challenge

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house 10 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: TG studio

Even if you’ve installed room dividers in the room, you won’t get too much privacy. This layout gives you a lot of freedom, but you will have to sacrifice some of your time alone.

For this reason, an open floor plan is usually recommended for a small family.

Clean! You can’t hide a mess in the kitchen

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house11 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Kirby Maronda

Let’s face it, things do tend to get messy while cooking. So, if an open floor plan in a kitchen is in need of intense maintenance, just one corner that is messy will ruin the overall visual impression of the space.

Many people also use the kitchen for various purposes, such as work, so it can get very confusing very quickly. Reconsider how tidy your family is and this is a challenge that is easy for you to complete.

Dangers for the little ones

Young children tend to be hyperactive and curious. With an open floor plan, it can therefore be difficult to keep them out of danger zones like the kitchen, which has tons of dangerous items like sharp utensils and hot ovens.

Even if the doors don’t change much in this regard, it might be better to hide the kitchen behind closed doors. A simple solution to this would be to put locks on your cabinets.

Things are getting loud

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house 12 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: General contractor for Giffin & Crane, Inc.

Noise moves easily in an open space. Unless you don’t mind a mix of noises coming from your kids, the TV, etc. it might feel a little overwhelming. Remember that a visual connection also gives you an audible connection if you get into a situation where you may hear more sounds than usual.

Many types of odors are also common

Whatever problem you may have in one of the rooms, it is sure to spread to the whole house with this type of design. Whatever you prepare, there will be a smell all over the home, but also an issue with the installation or garbage smells spreading quickly.

Arrange furniture

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house13 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: K2 Design Group, Inc.

Minimizing the number of walls that need to be machined can make arranging furniture a little tricky. If a wall isn’t big enough for a piece of furniture to be laid against it, you may have to sacrifice a window. Think about where you will place bookcases, storage units and of course the TV.

Keep an ideal temperature

Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house14 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Soundbuilt Homes

The larger the room, the longer it will take to heat or cool. It can be a real waste of time and money to heat a large room instead of several small rooms. Also, look at the height of your ceiling as this is also a key factor in the time it will take to reach the desired temperature.


Open-floor-plan-ideas-for-contemporary-house15 open-floor-plan-ideas for contemporary houseImage source: Parkwood houses

While it’s a popular and definitely stylish option, open floor plans aren’t for every homeowner. You need to be absolutely sure that this type of interior design suits your lifestyle, tastes and needs.

If you’re a celebrity who loves spending family time and hosting fun gatherings, this might be your best bet.

This type of home does not suit people who want to live peacefully and value their privacy. Open floor plans are known to be great for singles or couples because they can enjoy the space without facing any privacy issues.