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Guest beds

Guest beds

It is not always possible to set up a full-fledged sleeping room for overnight guests. Exactly then worth the purchase of a multifunctional guest bed. The product from simple folding mattresses that can be stored in the closet to save space, to stackable or extendable beds for two sleeping people, to bed sofas, upholstery and loungers including slatted frames and mattresses.

To accommodate visitors comfortably: Guest beds

If you are one of those people who receive frequent overnight stays, you will surely have thought about the best possible accommodation for your guests. Ideally, the apartment is so large that it is possible to set up your own guest room, which can be equipped with a standard bed. So neither you are restricted in the normal use of your apartment, nor your guests disturbed while resting, sleeping and relaxing.

The guest bed in the children and youth room

Additional sleeping arrangements can be ideally integrated into children’s and youth rooms. Since the offspring usually invites friends to spend the night, a guest bed is very useful . For example, beds with an additional bed drawer offer a space-saving solution. While the child or adolescent is using the upper bed normally every day, the second bed in the drawer is only pulled out when needed.

Upholstered beds and sofa beds

Unfortunately, not all of us enjoy such generous living space with a separate guest room. In this case, differently designed guest beds, which, for example, enable a multifunctional use of space, offer a remedy.

Bunk beds are also very handy for setting up a children’s and youth room with guest accommodation facilities. They do not take up more space than a conventional bed, but offer two easily accessible sleeping accommodations with full comfort. If the second bed is not used as a guest bed, it can simply be converted into a sofa replacement with cushions and used for comfortable sitting.

Among the real space savers among bedding types are the stacked beds. As the name suggests, these are beds or bed frames that are designed so that they can be easily stacked on top of each other. In the guest room as well as in the children’s or youth room, stacked beds offer the possibility to have two fully-fledged beds in the room.