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Flooring options for the bathroom floor

Flooring options for the bathroom floor

While selecting the best bathroom flooring options you need to consider what look you want for your bathroom as well as your budget as options of bathroom flooring are many and varied.

 If you are thinking of a simple yet classic look for the bathroom, ceramic tiles will be the best option. They make your bathroom look quite stylish despite being durable, stain-resistant and waterproof. To avoid slipping in the bathroom a certified slip resistant tile will be perfect.

: Using engineered wood for the bathroom floor is a timeless choice that gives a warm and vintage look. Engineered wood is a good choice as it is made of real wood veneer with a plywood backing and can resist humidity so can be placed in damp spaces. Laminated wood is budget friendly but looks very good and at the same time is stain and scratch resistant. One big disadvantage of a wooden flooring is can cause irreparable damage if there is a serious water pipe leakage.

  Marble, limestone, granite and other stones are good options for bathroom flooring as they are durable, long lasting and can withstand any moisture problems. Stone being slippery tends to be a problem but it can be solved if the stone is textured by sandblasting or by getting naturally textured stone. But stone flooring can be a very expensive proposition.

Cork being environmental friendly is great for bathroom floor as it is water, mold and mildew resistant. It is made from bark but has a polyurethane topcoat that makes it very effective from minor spills. Cork comes in the form of glue down tiles or planks but they cannot be installed easily so it is best if the installation is done by a professional.

: Engineered bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable resource that is easy on the pocket as its cost is literally half of other hardwood floors, but it can be called a smart choice due to the bamboo planks being highly durable and perfect for wet spaces.