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Choosing commercial lighting for business settings

Choosing commercial lighting for business settings

Light is a basic prerequisite for all environments, whether at home or in the workplace. In addition to being a basic requirement, it is also used to enhance a site’s delicacy when added with a proper decor. Workplaces, however, use lighting that differs from that used in the home or illuminates special occasions such as parties. Commercial lighting basically focuses on illuminating workplaces such as offices, hospitals, shops or workshops, so it does not pay much attention to attraction and elegance. It is basically lighting that is not intended for use in homes.

When choosing the right lighting that suits your workplace needs, you need to consider the different types available and their suitability for your needs. Here are a number of lighting types used for commercial settings.


They are the oldest type that has been used for commercial purposes. They are most common in small offices or workshops and are most suitable for use as work lamps on desks or as recessed lamps. The beauty of this type of lighting is that they produce bright light as daylight which makes them suitable for enclosed buildings or rooms that are hidden from the direct light of the sun.

Halogen lamps

They are well known for their high intensity and illuminate a large coverage. As such, they are mostly used as headlights in arenas or outdoor safety lights. They are also suitable for larger workshops or manufacturing plants that work 24 hours a day. They vary in size and their light emitting capacity is directly proportional to their sizes.

Fluorescent lamps

If you are looking to save your electricity bills in the workplace, these are the lights you can go to. They are most common in many commercial environments and are known for their low power but high brightness and thus low energy consumption. They are made available in different sizes and in different shades of light.

Metal halide lamps

These types of lamps are known for their high intensity brightness, which is often used in industrial environments. They are common in warehouses where the ceiling is high. They come in different sizes and their light emitting capacity also depends on their sizes. The difference between this commercial lighting and the halogen is that it uses a stream of vaporized metal halide gases that burns at high temperatures to produce very strong light. The improved versions of these lamps, which consist mainly of sodium halide compounds, are effective in saving energy unlike traditional halides.

The above four are the standard commercial lighting you will find in any workshop, warehouse or office environment depending on their brightness. When choosing a choice to choose, consider your light intensity needs before making a choice.